Owl Charm You Giveaway! (Closed)

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A Taste of Something Unimaginable

Welcome to the Owl Charm You giveaway event. For a while now Origami Owl has been making amazing necklaces that are built to tell a story. Completely personalized to describe your life. I had seen pictures of these necklaces floating around on Facebook, but I did not know just how many charms there are to choose from. It took me forever to go through all the charms because I just couldn’t decide on one! There were so many cute charms that could have described something about me. Once you actually receive the necklace you open the adorable box and you actually put the necklace together yourself. I was worried about this at first but it is actually really easy and fun.

Now on to the good stuff. One lucky winner will receive a gift card to make their own Origami Owl necklace! I know you all are as excited as I am about Origami Owl.

You can win it from the rafflecopter below. The giveaway begins at 12:01AM on February 20th, and ends on March 6th.a Rafflecopter giveaway

The independent designer who worked with us for this giveaway event was Leslie Rhoads, and you can purchase your own living locket from her website http://owlcharmyou.origamiowl.com!


Random Act of Kindness

Yesterday I was driving from Elliot’s Godparent’s to my own parents. My gas light had been on for a while and I knew I absolutely had to stop or I was going to run out. I was in a really sketchy part of town, and it was almost 10PM. I pulled up to a gas station, but only had cash on me. and because Elliot was in the car asleep, I didn’t want to go in to pay. There was another guy there pumping his gas, and I decided that I was going to ask him to run in and prepay for me as soon as he was done pumping his own gas.

Thats when I was kind of freaking out. I worried that he would just steal my money, or worse. But I just sucked it up, got out of my car, and went to ask. I just told him my baby was in the car and I didn’t want to leave him, and asked if he would run in and prepay for me, adding that he could buy a coffee or something for his trouble. He said sure and ran in for me.

I waited by my car and when he got back to his I yelled, “Thanks, I appreciate it!” Then he waved back and yelled, “No problem! I added twenty dollars to it! Stay safe!”  Then he hopped in his car and drove off before I could even comprehend what he said to me.

A complete stranger doubled my gas money for me! And there I was worried that he would rob me or something simply because I was in a “bad” part of town. But instead he total blew me away with a simple but REALLY kind gesture.

I have had a rough few weeks. I’ve been stressed out and cranky, and that small act of kindness made me feel so great. I wish I had had a second to thank him.

I can’t wait to pay it forward. =)

A Taste of Something Unimaginable

Hello everyone! and a special hello to all my new readers!

I wanted to tell everyone about this blog. My good friend, Patricia, runs it. She has a baby boy that is just a day younger than Elliot, and she parents very similarly to how we do.

She invited me to guest blog for her, so I have a blog going up on her page on the second monday of every month now as well!

Right now she’s running a cool give away for a yummy pouch set! Check her out!


SuperStash.net Review and Giveaway! (Closed)

I can’t even tell you how I first came across Superstash.net. I was probably searching the web for awesome cloth diaper stores and stumbled upon it. At first I was shocked at how great the prices were! Alva baby diapers started at just $4.99, Kawaii diapers start at $6.50, and shipping is cheap! I had never planned to try either of these brands because shipping them from china can take a few weeks, and I’m just too impatient for that!


The Site
That all changed when I found Superstash. I decided to give these diapers a try. I had already heard wonderful things about them from other CD moms. So I filled my cart with a couple of diapers. I found it really easy to complete the purchase because the site was linked with Paypal. So I didn’t have to find my wallet and get out my debit card, then punch the numbers in and put it all my information. Being able to click “pay with paypal” made the whole process so simple (dangerously simple considering how often I want to order from there!)

SuperStash also sells other diaper related products such as Wetbags for storing dirty diapers, Cj’s BUTTer which is a cloth diaper safe and all natural Diaper cream, extra inserts for diapers in Microfiber and bamboo, Newborn sized diapers, and diaper sprayers!

I expected my diapers to take a week or so to arrive. But then to my surprise, they were in my mailbox just three days later! I gleefully carried the package back inside and tore it open. Inside I found my diapers, but I also found 3 other items! The first one was a sample of Cj’s BUTTer, the cloth diaper safe cream that SuperStash carries. The second was a sample of Country Save Detergent to “prep my new diapers!” and the last was a card, with a hand written note on the inside thanking me for my order!


The quick shipping, the samples, and especially the card were all really endearing to me. I was so pleased with my order I immediately started thinking about ordering more! And I hadn’t even tried the diapers yet! I went right online, found SuperStash on Facebook, and liked the page. Then I took a closer look at the site. From reading the website I learned that SuperStash was founded by a SAHM named Carol. Her husband is in school working on his degree, and as a SAHM with a husband in grad school, I know how hard that can be. Shopping at SuperStash made me feel great because I know that I’m helping to support a small family as they work towards bettering their lives. They’re only an online store right now, but they have big hopes of having a true “brick and mortar” store sometime in the future.

The Product!
My first order included two One-Sized Alva Pocket Diapers. The color I was most excited about was Great Grey.


The diapers were a little big for my skinny mini when they first arrive. Elliot was born prematurely, and only weighed about 6 pounds when these diapers came. By the time he was just over 10 pounds though, the diapers started to fit well. The diapers included a large microfiber insert that is great for Elliot! He’s able to wear the diaper for 2-3 hours without any leaks. For longer wear, I usually stuff the diaper with a bamboo insert. (also sold at SuperStash!)

The inside of the Alva diapers are not as soft as the inside of some of my over diapers, but that is because the inside layer is made from Polyester suedecloth rather than fleece. The suedecloth pulls moisture away from the baby’s skin and leaves them feeling dry. The Alva’s always feel dryer than any of my other diapers when I take them off of Elliot.

The diapers are one sized adjustable by snapping the rise snaps on the front of the diaper. Elliot is 8 months old and he is still wearing his Alva’s on the smallest setting. (Remember he’s a very small baby though!) I definitely anticipate these diapers being worn well past 30 pounds though!


Dont trust me? Check out these comments from other SuperStash Fans!

“I love superstash! She has extremely reasonable prices and fast shipping. Carol has always responded promptly to my emails and has even accommodated some special requests that I’ve made. You just can’t beat the personalized service that she provides. I would recommend her to anyone looking to purchase cloth diapers.”-Stoneycakes, The Bump Community

“Every time I’ve ordered I’ve received free detergent and free cream, and a hand written thank you card. I like awesome service like that. Also her turn around time is outstanding! I always get my diapers less than 48 hours after I order.” -MrsFreeandClear, The Bump Community

“I just received an order from superstash, and I was very happy with my purchase. The prices are great, and shipping was fast! When I received my order in the mail, it was expertly packed. It also came with 2 free samples. I really liked the handwritten looking card included. It made me feel like a valued customer and my order was important rather than just one of the masses. I would definitely order there again.” -Ariaforte8, The Bump Community

“Carol’s website is the first I ever ordered from, and she has set the bar high! I also love her handwritten note and free samples. She has great prices, and responds very promptly to emails. I look at her site every week and I am going to be rounding out my NB stash soon with diapers from superstash.net.” -Candlequeen, The Bump Community

Check out SuperStash!
Superstash’s website can be found here- http://www.superstash.net
Right now they are celebrating their first birthday and have a great sale going on!

The Giveaway!
One lucky reader will be selected to win a giveaway from SuperStash.net! She has offered up 1 One-Sized Alva Diaper, 1 Alva Wetbag, and 1 sample of Cj’s Butter! Colors are to be determined by Carol, but if you give us a preference I’m sure she’ll do her best to accommodate you. There are 3 mandatory entries, and then a few other entries, one of which you can do every day!

Be sure to share this giveaway with your friends! Winner will be notified by Email.


**All photos on this review are property of SuperStash.net

Reflections on 8 Months

Elliot looks SO BIG to me all of a sudden. This month he has definitely changed a lot. He has gone from looking like a baby to looking like a little boy. I’m positive now that people we do not know can tell he’s a boy.

He has also started talking a LOT more! He said Momma for the first time this month. I was carrying him to his room to change him and he touched my face and said “momma” and I thought it was just a fluke. We had been practicing it for weeks, but he had never just said it to me like that. Then later in the day he did it two more times! =D

He said Dada this month to! It was just two days after he said momma. He tends to call for dada more, but I think its because the sound is easier for him. One day Jason came home from work and scooped Elliot up from his jumper, and Elliot immediately grabbed his face and went “dada!”

He also has his B sounds, and he likes to just talk to himself, “bah bah bah bah bah.” Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I can hear him in his room just talking to himself.

When it comes to crawling, we’re still not there. He can finally sit and hold himself up for a long time without toppling over. He wants to try to crawl, but he just hasn’t quite figured it out yet. He still prefers to be up on his feet. He loves to jump in the jumper!!

Here’s his 8 month photo!

Cloth Diaper Blog- Ecoposh Fitted Review


We bought an Ecoposh Fitted for Christmas for Elliot. I was very hesitant to buy one because they’re expensive! But I was at my wits end with over-night diapering. We had tried a few other fitteds, double stuffed pockets, TRIPLE stuffed pockets..nothing was keeping him dry over night. So I broke down and bought this diaper after a few people telling me to give it a try.
Here are the specifics- The diaper is made out of recycled water bottles, bamboo, and organic cotton. It is a One Sized diaper that has four size settings. The diaper is a pocket, and it comes with an insert. Combined with that insert the diaper is 10 layers thick (all bamboo). It also comes with an additional “6r” 7 layer bamboo soaker that is contoured. It requires a cover. It comes in 5 colors, and they’re all really cute. The inner is brown, so it hides any staining very well. It also has a double gusset.
After prepping it, we finally used it the other night. I didn’t use both the inserts, I only used to extra 6r soaker that is contoured. The main insert is thicker and I didn’t think I’d need it just yet. I put a Blueberry OS Cover over it.
HOLY COW this diaper is freaking AMAZING.
Elliot slept 10 hours that night. I woke him up the next morning and went to change him. I took the cover off, and the diaper was DRY.
Yeah, you read that right. The outside of this FITTED, was completely dry. I could have put him to bed without the cover and he would have been fine, and believe me when I say that he is one heavy wetter.
I already bought a second one, and as soon as I can I plan to buy at least one more so that I have one for every night (I wash every third day.) They can sometimes be found for $20 used on the CD swap on FB. They are $35 brand new.
I can’t rave enough about how great this diaper is. I’m absolutely in love with it. If we could afford to use them exclusively, I’d fill out my stash with them.
Heres a photo of Elliot wearing it!

Reflections on 7 Months

Its so weird to say I have a 7 month old son. 7 months feels like such a LONG time, but it doesn’t feel like its been long at all.

The past month was awesome. Elliot’s first christmas was wonderful, and thats what this post is going to be about mostly. This month also contained Elliot’s first real sickness.

He had a double ear infection. Double NOT because it was in both ears, but because it was in his inner and middle ear in the same ear. It was horrible. We went to the doctor and she prescribed drops and an antibiotic. But the infection didn’t get any better and Elliot spiked a 103 degree fever. Thankfully we were able to get it under control and he got better in just a few days. Though that high fever sure was scary!

We still don’t have any teeth, and we’re still not crawling. However, Elliot has found a new love for standing. he wants to stand all the time! He’ll stand on your lap or in the floor, he even stands and holds on to the side of the couch. He’s not quite sitting up yet (a balance issue more than strength) but he’s doing great in the standing area. haha

Now onto the fun part! Elliots first christmas! We really thought that he would be much more interested in the wrapping paper than his presents, but we found that Elliot actually got really excited about his gifts. He also really loved pulling the bows off of the packages.

He got a lot of great stuff including some plush blocks from Aunt Krista, A musical toy and some outfits from Aunt Christy and Uncle Steven, a TON of clothes from his Nonie, a savings account from Memaw, and a bunch of other awesome stuff.  =)

(For some reason I can’t get photos to add to the post right now, So I’ll add them later!)

Also- In 2013, We will be blogging every day for the full year, sharing photos and stories of Elliot. Check out the blog at http://www.Elliot365.wordpress.com!