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Top 5 Cloth Diapers

This post is going to be a count of my top 5 cloth diapers! I have 17 different brands in my stash, and I have tried about 20 different brands. I always give a diaper a few chances before deciding how I feel about it. These top 5 (an an honorable mention) are by far my favorites. =)

I apologize for the blurry photos here! I was quickly snapping them with my phone during nap time!

1) Fuzzibunz One Sized Elite– I can’t tell you enough how much I love love LOVE my Fuzzibunz. These diapers are fantastic! I don’t think there is a perfect diaper out there, but this one definitely comes close. I love it because there isn’t a rise snap, instead, you adjust the diaper using elastics in the lefts and waist. Its a pocket diaper, so you can adjust absorbency. The  only thing I dislike about these are the inserts they come with. All of my Elites came with minky inserts (the new Elites for 2013 come with microfiber) and I found the minky inserts to royally suck. I almost always stuff mine with bamboo inserts. These diapers are trim, soft, and super cute! Fuzzibunz rarely does prints, instead they focus on having a myriad of colors to choose from. This photo is of the two prints they released for a limited time in 2012. 



2) Swaddlebees/Blueberry–  I’m looping this brand together as a favorite. The reason for that is that they just announced that they’re dropping the swaddlebees name and are only going to be known as blueberry now. Shown here is the Blueberry mini pocket (the giraffe print) and the swaddlebees simplex. I LOVED that blueberry mini when Elliot could still wear it. Its a newborn diaper, and a pocket diaper. The diaper I’m listing as my number 2 favorite though, is the swaddlebees simplex! Its an AIO with an organic cotton inner. It is SO absorbent! I love all the prints that they offer, the one shown is the monster print. I also love that the inner of the diaper folds out and it dries super fast. I have never had a leak with this diaper. The only down side is that it is expensive. If it weren’t so, I’d have way more of these in my stash.


3) Ecoposh Fitted– This is my absolute favorite over night diaper. I wrote an entire blog about how much I love this diaper, and you can read it here. Long story short, its the most absorbent diaper I’ve ever used.


4) Alva One Sized Diaper– These diapers are amazing for two reasons. the first is the price! Alva diapers retail for about $6 each depending on the print or color. But THAT is the second thing that makes these awesome! They come in countless prints and colors! I’m serious when I say there are at least 45 different colors! The don’t fit as early as most OS diapers, these really started fitting for us around 12 pounds. They come with a microfiber insert, but I really favor their bamboo inserts. My favorite place to purchase these is SuperStash!


5) Itti Bitti Tutto– This diaper is my newest favorite, and it might quickly move up to the number 2 position because after just a couple of weeks of using them, I already own 8! haha! These diapers are snap in ones, and they’re amazing. They come with 3 different snap ins, and they can all be used together or individually. I love them because I can adjust WHERE the absorbency is in the diaper, and I can pack it all in the front since thats usually where Elliot soaks. I also love these because they’re minky and so so soft! They’re super skinny through the legs as well, which is awesome for my skinny mini.


Honorable Mention) The Kawaii Pure and Natural– I love this diaper because its a very cheap option for a newborn diaper. It fits from 4 to 22 pounds. Its a pocket, so I can adjust absorbency, and its velcro, so changes are super quick. Elliot JUST outgrew this diaper at almost 11 months old. The only thing I wish was that kawaii would release these in more colors!



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