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Cloth Diaper Stash Update!

We’ve been cloth diapering for about 10 months now. Our stash has changed significantly! When I was pregnant and planning to CD, the best advice I didn’t listen to was not to put all my eggs in one basket. Different types of diapers fit babies differently, so ‘they’ tell you to get one or two of a bunch of different brands, then when you know what you like, fill your stash how you prefer.

I didn’t listen obviously, and I bought mostly Fuzzibunz OS Elites and Thirsties AIO’s while I was pregnant, I also got a great deal on 6 small Charlie Bananas. I also bought a good stash of newborn prefolds and covers.

Here are two photos of my original stash, pre-baby. The top is all my prefolds (36) and covers, in the second you can see 10 FB Elites, 7 Thirsties AIOs, and 6 Charlie Bananas.

IMG_0673 IMG_0674

It didn’t really come back to bite me in the butt. I ended up loving the Thirsties AIO’s and the Fuzzibunz like I thought I would! I HATED prefolds instantly! I ended up selling them and making most of my money back on them. I kept some for burp cloths. I didn’t like the Charlie Bananas either, so I sold those and made $23 MORE than what I paid for them (I told you I found a great deal originally! lol!) Elliot is a long and skinny baby, so certain diapers just don’t work for us because they’re wide and short.

So, our stash grew slowly. Mostly by buying used diapers on the Cloth Diaper Facebook Swap and by winning a couple of others. When we found a diaper we really loved, I would make sure to have a couple in our stash if they weren’t way over priced. I always keep an eye out for good deals on the swap. =)

Here is an updated stash photo, and I’ll tell you what everything is!


From left to right, front to back:


1 Blueberry Coverall

2 Ecoposh Fitteds

1 Goodmama Fitted

6 Fuzzibunz One Sized Elites


2 Grovia AIO’s

10 Fuzzibunz One Sized Elites


1 Applecheeks size 2

3 Oh Katy’s

1 Happy Hieny

1 Bum Genius Free Time

1 Swaddlebees Simplex

1 Blueberry Mini

1 Kawaii Pure and Natural

1 Kawaii Original

1 Rumparooz

1 Thirsties AIO size 2


4 Itti Bitti Tuttos

6 Alvas

Not Pictured:

2 OS Wool Covers

about 25 random Microfiber Inserts

15 Bamboo Inserts

about 50 cloth wipes

two Planetwise pail liners

4 or 5 random wet bags.

As you can see, my stash has grown significantly. We prefer to do laundry every 3rd day, so a huge stash is a must for us to we never run out. In all, my stash is worth about $500, but I’ve only paid about $300 for it all by buying used and finding deals. I’m at a point where I can comfortably say that I love every diaper in our stash, and there isn’t another brand that I’m curious about trying at the moment.

I think that ‘they’ were right when I was told not to put all my eggs in one basket when it came to my stash. I was so positive that I would end up only wanting one type of diaper in my stash, but obviously, I’m sporting 17 different brands!

My next post is going to be a count down of my top 5 favorite diapers, along with an honorable mention. If you have questions about any of the diapers in my stash, or about cloth diapering in general, leave them in the comments and I’ll help you as much as I can!

Be sure to enter the current Giveaway for a free Itti Bitti Tutto!!

Happy Great Cloth Diaper Change Week!!


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