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Conscious Box Flash Giveaway! (Closed)

You’ve heard of the Glam Box and other similar beauty boxes right? They way they work is you pay a month subscription, and each month you get an awesome box filled with beauty samples and coupons. I’ve personally never tried one, but recently I was asked to run a giveaway for the Conscious Box!

Conscious Box delivers eco-friendly products to your doorstep every month. Its an awesome way to discover sustainable new businesses that care for the planet—just like you do! Their mission is to make the world a better place by offering eco-conscious options to consumers. They bring healthy, organic, sustainable, and purpose-driven businesses right to your door. What’s inside your Conscious Box changes every month, with 10-20 products that are certified organic, fair trade, vegan, cruelty free, or more. Only most socially responsible companies are included—so you can be sure they’re putting people & the planet first!

I’ve been checking them out on Facebook (You can to, by clicking here!) and I’m really excited about what they have to offer! I haven’t received a box yet, but will absolutely review one of them soon so that you can see what a typical box looks like.If you’d rather not wait for a review, heres a chance for you to win a FREE three month subscription! Thats right! Three free conscious box’s to your door every month. Enter through the raffle copter below! This was an unscheduled giveaway that popped up suddenly, so the giveaway is going to be a flash giveaway and only run for 5 days! Don’t miss out on the entries you can get every day!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also! Just for being a reader, here’s a 50% off code to a subscription to conscious box! Just enter LOVELIFE in the promo box when you order! Be sure to go to their FB page and tell them thanks from On a Breath!


6 thoughts on “Conscious Box Flash Giveaway! (Closed)

  1. I have never gotten a box subscription but this one sure is tempting!! Maybe I’ll decide if I can win a subscription and give it a trial run that way 🙂

  2. This looks so neat! I have to check out whether we can pick and choose based on ingredients (to avoid allergens).

  3. I’ve never gotten a box subscription before. Never have had the spare money in the budget, plus we have allergen issues. However, organics help to avoid those allergens so I would be interested in this.

  4. I have been a subscriber to Conscious Box for several months and I have never received the full size items shown in the picture above. Just a buyer beware for all of you. My last box had three baby products (foil packet of lotion, two use baby detergent, and a foil packet of dehydrated peas), four single use supplements, and three other mini products.

    • its not advertised as a box that sends full sized items. It is advertised as a box of samples from various green companies. The full sized items shown in advertising photos are usually just to help the client see what is available because labels on samples are too hard to see.

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