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Reflections on 10 Months!

Jesus we’re in double digit months now! A lot happened this month! It is crazy to think about the differences in Elliot and 9 months and Elliot at 10 months.

First of all, crawling! Elliot finally started crawling this month! He isn’t great at it, he kind of just uses his arms to pull himself around, sometimes he uses his feet. Other times he stands up on all 4s. Its wild. To see a video of the first time he ever crawled, click here!

Having a mobile baby is certainly more exhausting than anything else. Elliot is all over the place! He is really starting to show his personality now. He’s very curious and outgoing. He has a LOT of energy and will play hard for hours. He likes to investigate things to, he’ll open things up, look under things, and open boxes and books. If he finds a small speck on the floor or a piece of fuzz, he’ll pick it up and check it out before moving on. Its like you can see him thinking.

With all of this insane energy he has, Elliot also crashes hard now too. He will be asleep and playing one minute, then the next he’s completely asleep.

This month also included Elliot’s first Easter!

We’re in a very odd place right now, teetering between babyhood and toddlerhood. There are times that he is SO much like a baby, and I mean that in a very good way. Its sad and scary to see those times that he is SO much like a toddler. Elliot rarely cried as a newborn, and it was only when something was seriously wrong, like he was in pain, or hungry. Now Elliot will cry over the strangest things, like if we won’t let him eat lint out of the carpet or if we take away the plastic bag he’s choosing to half suffocate himself with. He also cries when he is tired, and when he’s tired but doesn’t want to sleep. Even more so, he’s starting to look like a little boy rather than a baby. Its insane how fast he is growing up and how fast he is changing.

PS- We also ditched the paci this month! It was completely painless. He just stopped on his own.


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