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Homeschool Mosaics: Apologia Planners

If you know me at all, you know that I love planners. I am the type of person that has to write things down and refer to lists in order to remember things. This is something that worries me as we move into Elliot’s schooling in a few years. The idea of homeschooling him is something we’re definitely throwing around and thinking about, but I worry about being able to do it effectively. One thing I know is that all great homeschool moms need a good planner! So when offered to do a review of the Apologia Planner for Mosaic’s, I jumped on it.

This is the Apologia Planner!

At first I was turned off by the size of this planner because I prefer smaller planners I can throw in my bag. However, this isn’t a planner meant for every day use to jot down appointments and reminders! This is a planner meant to keep you organized and aid in the process of teaching your child, and I believe that its one of the best teacher’s aids a home school mom can get. It reminds me very much of the teacher’s planners my husband uses at the high school in which he teaches!

There are pre-planning guides where you can keep a list of forms, worksheets, and other resources you plan to use.


There is a monthly planner where you can keep track of major items, as well as trips and group meetings you plan for the month. On this page there are also quotes and bible verses to help inspire you and keep you motivated. One thing I appreciate about this planner is that it doesn’t expect you to follow the typical school schedule. You can fill in all the dates and months yourself, making this fit your homeschool year no matter what!


After the month planner there are weekly planners where you can separate individual days and subjects.


In the back you also have a record book! I like this a lot, but I felt that it was way too short for the length of this planner. I feel that there needed to be more record pages, and that the places left on the page to write were huge. The graphs could be condensed down to fit 4 weeks on each page I believe.


This was my favorite part of the planner. In the back you have year end review pages. You can keep notes all year long about things you want to change for next year, or things that just didn’t work for you. Maybe trips that you’d like to incorporate with the lesson or resources you learned about and want to use again. This part of the planner would really come in use when you refer back for the next school year.


After the year in review there is a large section of teaching tips. I found this section to be interesting. I’m not convinced that a seasoned homeschool mom would really take the time to read and use those tips, or if she’d really need them. And this planner seems like one that a very experienced homeschool mom would use. I did like that the teaching tips were geared towards individual learners and independent study rather than the classroom setting.

This planner sales for $28. Honestly, I feel like it is way over priced and that the price will deter people from purchasing it. I do think that you get a very nice quality planner for that price though. The cover itself is a durable plastic, and each cover has folder pockets on the inside. The bind of the planner is very sturdy as well, and doesn’t want to catch on items and get pulled (similar to the crappy metal spirals you so often see!)  So I think that if you can budget in this planner, you won’t be disappointed in the end, and it will prove to be a resource that lasts years, and one you can possibly pass down as a guide for another mom!



2 thoughts on “Homeschool Mosaics: Apologia Planners

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  2. Well written review. I appreciated your honesty and the comparison to your husband’s PS planner. I can totally see that. Thanks for sharing.

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