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The Mother of All Carseats: The Clek Foonf!


This is not a sponsored review. This is simply a review because I can’t tell people how much I love this seat! I was really stressing about convertible carseats. I had no idea what to get or where to begin. I have always been a lover of Britax, but through reading countless reviews, I found that they don’t work well for tall babies. When I came across the Clek Foonf, I wanted it immediately, but the price kept me from doing it. Finally though, we decided that Elliot’s safely was going to win over any price tag and we went for it. (plus, it was tax refund time! haha)

When I started looking for the carseat, I knew that there were certain things I wanted to find. 1- I wanted Elliot to be able to rear face as long as possible. The recommended age is 2, but I’d like to keep him rear facing until he’s three or even 4 if possible. 2- I wanted a good fabric that would be was to clean and keep looking nice. 3- I wanted a sturdy seat that I felt comfortable trusting to keep my child safe in a collision. 4- It had to come from a reputable company with a long and good reputation. 5- It had to fit into my Jeep and Jason’s Impala. So, we ordered the Foonf! I was giddy the day it arrived!

o in unboxing the Foonf, you have the main seat, the head rest, the rebound bar, the rear facing wedge, the manual, and the registration papers.




I won’t lie: Assembling the Foonf gave me a headache. It was easy to get everything together EXCEPT the rebound bar. It took me a good 45 minutes to get it properly attached. I was extremely frustrated with it. But, I finally got it after some frustration.  Overall- the seat is a beast. It weighs about 40 pounds by itself. Its not a seat you’re going to want to travel with or move between cars frequently. However, it is quite compact! It is only 17 inches wide, which is skinnier than our infant bucket (A Britax B-Safe), and as you can see below, even in its fully reclined position, the foonf still isn’t as LONG as our infant seat! This is good news for me because my seats in my jeep have to be up pretty far for the infant seat to be installed.


The Foonf is definitely a beast. I feel really confident that Elliot would be protected in the event of a crash. The only thing that concerns me for future use with the seat is that LATCH capabilities in cars are not equipped to handle carseats that are this heavy. Next year, the AAP will be changing its recommendation from using the LATCH system to using a seat belt install. The reason being is that LATCH system, which was developed in 2000, wasn’t made to handle more than 75 pounds. Now that there are seats coming out that weigh as much as the Foonf, and can hold children up to 75 pounds, the LATCH system can fail when those weights and the force of a crash are combined. Seat Belts are made to hold much more weight. So, with that being said, I will probably always use the seat belt to install the Foonf. For what it’s worth- Every Car Seat Technician that I have every talked to has said there prefer the seat belt to install because you can get a tighter install with it.

Here is a photo of Elliot sitting in the Foonf (in my kitchen). As you can see, at ten months, he still has a TON of room to grow in this seat!


Here are the Pros and Cons of this seat.


-At 50 pounds and 43″, it is the longest rear-facing seat on the market in the US. (Please Note that the Canadian weight limit is lower than 50 pounds).
-Can forward face up to 75 pounds
-It is designed with small cars in mind. Though it is a large and strong seat, it still fits well in compact cars
-The design overall is very sleek and modern
-The fabric used is similar to what an actual car’s seat fabric. It repels liquid and staining.
-The Foonf features REACT technology, which it claims will reduce forces on a forward-facing child by up to 40%. So when my child does finally outgrow the seat for RF, she will be even safer than in most seats.
-It is very narrow, which makes it possible to fit three across in a backseat.
-It has a very simple install forward facing, thanks to its ridged latch feature, which takes the guess work out of how sturdy your install is.


-The price tag. The Foonf retails for $450. I was able to find a great deal and get my seat for only $375. If you watch carefully you’ll be able to get it on Amazon for around the same price.
-The weight. This is not a seat you want to travel with or move between cars. It is a beast!

I would definitely recommend this seat to every I can. I’m in love with it for the simple fact that I know it is SAFE. I’m confident that in a collision, Elliot would be 100% ok.

I will update this post with more photos soon. If you have an questions about the foonf, feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them!

Check out the Clek Foonf on their website by clicking here!
To purchase the seat from Amazon, click here!


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