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Reflections on 9 Months

Month 9 was a crazy one for us! Its so strange to say that I have a 9 month old. It feels SO MUCH older than 7 or 8 months for some reason. Elliot continues to grow and change every day. Its amazing to watch how fast he’s learning! This month he really started getting good at switching things between his hands, and he does it all the time now. He’ll pick something up, show it to you, switch it to another hand, and then show it to you from that hand! He’s so proud of himself for it!

This month was Elliot’s first valentines day, which was so fun. He got a cute bear from Jason’s parents that he has attached to. Its super smart and he loves it to death. He gets really excited when you hold it up for him, and then he grabs it and smothers it on his face. He chews on its paws and rubs its ears in his hands.

Another first this month was Elliots first trip to the park! He loved the swing! We haven’t been back yet, but we’re definitely going soon!

The biggest thing that happened this month was definitely Elliot’s surgery. I wrote another blog all about his condition, the surgery, and the recovery and you can read it by clicking here. On a personal level, it was really difficult for us. The emotional stress leading up to the surgery was overwhelming, but it ended up being nothing. I managed not to cry as they carried Elliot into the OR, and Elliot handled the surgery really well. Just a couple of days later you would have never known he went through a surgery!

We still aren’t crawling, though we seem to be getting closer. We still don’t have any teeth, and I have a feeling he’ll never have one.


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