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The Peaceful Mom- Blog Planning in Review

When I started with Mosaic Reviews Team, one of the first assignments was to review a blog planner. I must admit, I was pretty excited about this because I’m slightly addicted to planners, lists, and trying to keep myself organized. I have recently been turning my blog around, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. I’ve started blogging for a couple of different teams, writing reviews, and doing giveaways. I’m working to find the balance between all of these review and give away posts, and the “real life” posts that I feel are extremely important to the blog. (For what its worth- my next post is going to be all about Elliot’s recent surgery and recovery!)

So reviewing a blog planner was exciting for me, because I knew it would help me make this transition. The planner I selected to use and review is called “The Peaceful Mom.”

The Peaceful Mom planner is very simple. So simple, in fact, that it can really be customized to use however you need it. Its one page, and its meant to be used weekly. So i can just print it, and stick it in with my spiral planner I keep in my purse. When ever I have a thought concerning a blog, or an idea for a new blog topic, I can just whip it out and jot it down. I like that it isn’t a multi page ordeal that I have to keep up with along with everything else to keep up with in my hectic life!

I love that it has a purpose section! If I want to dedicate an entire week to something like the Great Cloth Diaper Change , I can list that as my purpose for that week. Theres a box where I can write all my Topics and Themes for the week, and then it breaks down the week into each day, so I can write down when I want to post each blog, as well as when I want a post to be written by!

The bottom of the planner is probably my favorite though. Its a Goals section where I can keep immediate, short term, and long term goals written for the blog. And even further, it lets me break down my goals into sections like writing, maintenance on the blog, connecting, promoting, and business.

It forces me to stop and think about how my blog fits into the bigger internet world of blogging. How I can make it grow, as well as keep it flowing.

If you find yourself in need of a planner- Check this one out! I can see it working well for home schooling parents, teachers, and even an at home cleaning schedule! In fact- I might just print it and use it for my spring cleaning schedule!

Be sure to check it out by clicking here!



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