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Reflections on 7 Months

Its so weird to say I have a 7 month old son. 7 months feels like such a LONG time, but it doesn’t feel like its been long at all.

The past month was awesome. Elliot’s first christmas was wonderful, and thats what this post is going to be about mostly. This month also contained Elliot’s first real sickness.

He had a double ear infection. Double NOT because it was in both ears, but because it was in his inner and middle ear in the same ear. It was horrible. We went to the doctor and she prescribed drops and an antibiotic. But the infection didn’t get any better and Elliot spiked a 103 degree fever. Thankfully we were able to get it under control and he got better in just a few days. Though that high fever sure was scary!

We still don’t have any teeth, and we’re still not crawling. However, Elliot has found a new love for standing. he wants to stand all the time! He’ll stand on your lap or in the floor, he even stands and holds on to the side of the couch. He’s not quite sitting up yet (a balance issue more than strength) but he’s doing great in the standing area. haha

Now onto the fun part! Elliots first christmas! We really thought that he would be much more interested in the wrapping paper than his presents, but we found that Elliot actually got really excited about his gifts. He also really loved pulling the bows off of the packages.

He got a lot of great stuff including some plush blocks from Aunt Krista, A musical toy and some outfits from Aunt Christy and Uncle Steven, a TON of clothes from his Nonie, a savings account from Memaw, and a bunch of other awesome stuff.  =)

(For some reason I can’t get photos to add to the post right now, So I’ll add them later!)

Also- In 2013, We will be blogging every day for the full year, sharing photos and stories of Elliot. Check out the blog at http://www.Elliot365.wordpress.com!


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