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DIY Baby Food Part 1- The Gear

Part one of the DIY Baby Food blog is going to be all about the gear we bought for this journey. I’m also going to include a review of our amazing high chair as well!

So when we began the research into making our own baby food, I read a LOT of reviews and options on how to do it. Most moms will tell you that all you need is a steamer and a blender or food processor. We don’t own any of those, so I knew I would need to either buy them, or find a machine that could do both. I also wanted to be able to make enough food to last us at least a month, so I knew I needed to figure out the best way to freeze and store it. Then the question came up about how we would travel with baby food, so we had to find a way to carry the baby food with us.

So here is all the gear we ended up purchasing in the end. Then I’ll tell you about each individual piece and why we chose it.









First up- The Beaba Babycook. I looked at all kinds of machines, like the Baby Bullet and The Breeza machine, but THIS is the only machine that steams, cooks, and purees your food all in the same container! Its also small, and doesn’t take up anymore counter space than a coffee maker. All of your measuring is done in the same cup, you put your veggies in a steamer basket that sits inside that cup, then after you steam you dump the steamed veggies into the cup and puree it right there. In the end you end up with a steamer basket to rinse off and ONE cup to wash. Its awesome! The nice thing about this machine is that we can also use it to thaw the baby food (though I usually just use the microwave).




Next up- The top 100 Baby Purees. I chose this book as our cook book because, lets be honest, it has the most positive reviews and its the highest purchased baby cook book on amazon. I like it because it has a lot of information in the beginning about starting solids, what to watch out for in allergic reactions, and even how to select the ripest fruits and veggies. It has stage one purees, all the way up to stage 4 and mixes. I also have been making notes in it as we go about what Elliot likes and how much water to use in the Beaba for each recipe.



For Freezing- When you want to freeze your portion, you can pretty much go with any kind of ice cube tray. The hard plastic ones that most people own already work just fine, but we didn’t have any. So when I fellow mom told me about these- I went for it! They are 1 oz portions, and they’re made of silicone, which is the safest plastic you can use. Its nice also because I can just peal away the tray and I’m left with my frozen baby food rather than having to bang and twist and fight the cubes out. But my favorite thing about this tray is that it freezes in perfect cubes! So when I’m done and I’m putting everything into my freezer bags to store, it all stacks and sits very evenly and neatly.



For Travel- There are a lot of different baby food storage options on the market. I decided to buy these for when we want to travel with baby food. These are cool because I can freeze baby food directly in them if I want, and I can also microwave them! The all connect to each other so they store very well. But the reason I finally decided on these was that these are the ONLY baby food option out there that has a lid that SCREWS on rather than just pops on and off.

Last but not least- Our awesome High Chair! Our high chair was a gift from my mom, and we love this thing! Its called the Inglesina Fast Table Chair. The chair comes in ten color options, and it can attach to any table or countertop, even the tables that have lips around the edge. The fabric on the chair can easily slide off and go straight into the washing machine! It has a nice sized pocket on the back to keep extra bibs or spoons in. What I really love about it though is that it folds up nice and flat, and it has a carry bag that is ATTACHED to the chair! So when you take it out of the bag, just stuff the bag into the pocket on the bottom of the chair, and when you’re ready to go just pull it right back out and cover the chair. In a perfect world I would own two of these- one for the car and one for the house. We tend to keep it in the car for travels and for restaurants (take it from someone that has worked in 5 different restaurants, those high chairs are DISGUSTING!).

91IxFoCVO2L._AA1500_So thats the gear! In the next post I’ll talk about how we actually make our baby food and store it. =)



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