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Reflections on 6 Months

It’s absolutely crazy to sit here and say that I have a 6 month old. Jesus Christ..Elliot is 6 months! This time last year I was living on my couch with a trash can and living off of egg sandwiches and chocolate milk that my husband graciously made for me just to throw up 20 minutes later.

I joke that Elliot is such a great baby because he’s making up for how terrible my pregnancy was. But for real, that might be it. ha!

This was another month of firsts for us. His first Thanksgiving, his first night away from home, his first WEEK away from home. (Which went really well!)

In all honesty this month has just flown by and I’m not sure what to write about! Elliot likes to roll now..we’re not totally sitting up by ourselves yet but we’re closer every day. Sometimes when we sit him up he’ll fold over on himself and sit in what I call his “toad” pose.

We’re looking forward to his first Christmas. We finished Christmas Shopping for him in October and wrapped all of his gifts before Halloween…at this point I’ll be as surprised as he is when he unwraps them because I can’t remember what’s what! haha.

here are some photos from this month. =)












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