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Stay at Home Mom Schedules

I’ve said on here many times that I’ve only ever wanted to be a wife and mom. My dream growing up was to be a stay at home mom and care for my family.

I never expected being a SAHM to be easy. I knew there would be struggles and that my days wouldn’t always go as planned. So pretty early on I decided to make a schedule that I would try to follow that would help me keep the house in order. My goal was to make it a few “standard” things that I do every day, plus one major chore, plus one load of laundry. On top of my schedule I also cook dinner each night and take care of Elliot.

Eventually I’ll move Elliot in a “schedule”. (I never though I would put my kids on a schedule, but 8 seasons of SuperNanny changed my mind). Right now we’re kind of on one but its definitely not set enough for me to type out. I know that this cleaning schedule will have to change and adapt as we grow, but thats what I really like about it. Its simple, concise, and very easy for me to keep up with. =)




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