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Lazy Mom DIY Lovie

Recently I was inspired by some monster fleece that I saw online and decided that I wanted to make a blanket for Elliot to give him for Christmas. I headed off to Hobby Lobby in search of monster fleece and instead I found an adorable Robot pattern! So I bought 3 yards of it, then two yards of a matching red. Then I made this fleece blanket. It’s two yards long and i have no idea how many inches wide. I wanted it to be big so he’d use it for a long time. Baby blankets are so tiny.



So after this, I had a yard of fabric left and decided to make a lovie. Now let me preface this by saying that there are so many ways to do this that would make it easier. You could measure out your fabric and make it all even, then you could purchase a rotary cutter and a skip stitch blade to make the holes in the fleece…yeah…I didn’t do that.

So I used the fake tiles on my kitchen floor to measure my lovie. I wanted it to be three tiles long and two and a half tiles wide. I folded my fabric in half because I wanted two layers..then I just start cutting. The first time it was disaster..The second time my edges actually looked decent.

From there I rounded my edges because I wanted it to lay flat. If you crochet around squared edges they won’t lay down. I used the bottom of a shot glass to round and cut my edges. lol!

I used pins to hold my fabric together and then used a seam ripper to make the holes in my fleece. This was harder than I expected it to be and I tried SO many options before finally using a seam ripper. I made them about a half an inch apart.

Then I crocheted my edges. I used a c hook, but anything up to an E would probably work. I did a single crochet in the holes, with a slip stick in-between all of them, then tied it off.


Once I had that done I made my head, arms, and legs. I wanted to loosely base it off the robots in the pattern. I’ve been asked for the pattern so here ya go!


With a J hook- Chain 25.

SC in the first chain from the hook and all the way to the end (24 stitches), then add a second SC in the last stitch (for a total of 25). Then SC across the other side for a total of 24 down that side.

Work in rounds, HDC in every stitch around. Keep going until your hat is long enough. I did 14 rounds. =)

Leave a long tail and set it aside.


Chain 5 and join, then do 10 HDC in the loop. (Crochet your tail into the loop so when you’re done you can pull the hole closed!) After that last stitch, switch to white and do 2 HDC in every stitch for a total of 20. Tie off and leave a long tail.


Chain 3, join.

6 SC in the loop, then work in rounds and keep SCing. I did 4 rounds on each of my Antennas.

Attach your Antenna(s) and Eye(s). I also made a mouth on mine by taking a single strand of yarn and weaving it in a zigzag.


Chain 9, SC in the first stitch from the hook and all the way across, add an extra stitch in the end and then go back down the other side (just like the head). Then HDC in every stitch working in rounds until the leg is long enough. I did 10. Make two of these.


Chain 6,  SC in the first stitch from the hook and all the way across, add an extra stitch in the end and then go back down the other side (just like the head). Then HDC in every stitch working in rounds until the leg is long enough. I did 10. Make two of these. On one of my arms I changed colors to match my Antennas, then switched back to the original color to give my robot an arm band. =)


After that, lightly stuff all your pieces with polyfil (available at walmart for $4 a bag), then attach your pieces.





3 thoughts on “Lazy Mom DIY Lovie

  1. Love it! I have an idea for you to make the holes for the next lovie (in case you haven’t tried it yet). Do you have a snap press? There’s a tool that comes with it to make holes for the snap. I pierces the fabric very easily and maybe it would make big enough holes for you here? Just a thought! (chuicafina)

    • Thats good to know! I don’t have one yet, but I’d like to get one soon since we’re cloth diapering..That way I can fix snaps if we ever have a problem. I would have never of thought about that though! Thank you!

      • Oh good! Glad it’s got potential, and that you wanted to get a snap press anyway! I have one and love it! It was super easy to convert a bunch of velcro diapers to snaps. Just don’t try to use the Babyville boutique snaps, they’re terrible. KAM Snaps are great! 🙂

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