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Reflections on 4 Months

Elliot continues to amaze me. I LOVE this age he’s at right now. He’s so alert, playful, inquisitive, and happy. He’s made leaps and bounds this past month!

As you can see here, Elliots head control is fantastic. He’s now able to hold his head up almost exclusively. He still does the bobbly thing when he gets excited and wants to look around, but he’s usually able to pull it together. Its cute when we hold him and he’s looking around because as soon as he sets his eyes on something and wants a closer look, he leeeaaans as far as he can towards it and sticks his head out really far.

I had to size his diapers up this month. His Fuzzibunz diapers were set to premie size, and now his legs and finally chucky enough that we’ve moved to newborn size. He’s still wearing his newborn diapers, though he’s starting to outgrow them in absorbency. I’ve started adding doublers to them so he can wear them a little longer. Our favorite diaper is still the One Sized Elite Fuzzibunz. We have 14 of them, and we’d like to purchase about 6 more. They fit so well!

Now that Elliot is starting to fill out and gain some good weight, he’s got the cutest chubby cheeks. I love them and want to love on him all the time. He’s also starting to get some little chubby rolls and I adore them. =)

He is one LONG baby though! Its a shame because everything fits him oddly because of it. He is right in the weight range for 0-3, but he’s rapidly outgrowing that size because of how long he is. I’m not sure where he gets it from, but we might have one tall kid on our hands.

Elliot is a great sleeper. He averages 12 hours a night now. He isn’t on a strict bedtime schedule. He goes to bed with us around 10, sleeps right through the night, and then wakes up around 10 the next morning. Sometimes he wakes up earlier than I do and just hangs outing his crib. The other morning I woke up at 9:30 to him squealing and babbling to himself!  As far as naps go- he’s still taking one long nap in the afternoon, usually about 3 hours, and then he power naps for the rest of the day. His power naps last anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour and a half.

We’re still teething, though this month its been more intense. He chews everything now, but his hands are definitely his favorite. Sometimes he tries to stick both hands in his mouth and gets frustrated that he can’t. He still doesn’t go for his thumb, just his fingers and he usually has all of them in there.

He likes to practice sitting up now. We prop him in the boppy or lay the couch pillows behind him. He can hold himself up for like..2 seconds then topples over. He has discovered his legs and feet and they amaze him. Sometimes he just lays back, sticks his leg in the air, and watches it. We play little piggies all the time and its one of his favorite games.

He hasn’t quite found his laugh yet. Sometimes he gets to excited that he just opens his mouth really wide and will laugh one good “ha” and then he’s done. I can’t wait for his baby laugh though. Its one of the things I’m looking forward to the most.

Since he’s eating so much and more frequently now, we’re starting to look at starting solids. I’m hesitant because he was premature and I want to make sure we go easy on his digestive system. We’re going to start with cereal for a little while and see how it goes.


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