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Elliot’s 4 month pediatrician visit….

was hell. plain and simple.

I scheduled the appointment for 9:45 AM because Elliot usually naps around 11:30. I figured we’d get in and be finished just in time for his nap, with would help after his vaccinations.

So I arrived at the doctor’s office at 9:30, signed in and sat down. and waited. and waited. People came in, went back, and LEFT, and I still sat in the waiting area. Finally at 10:45, a full hour after the scheduled appointment, I was called and we went back. The intake person measured and weighed Elliot and check all out information, then put us in a room…where I waited again. I decided to go ahead and feed Elliot, Change him, and held him and he went to sleep. Why? Because it was nap time! It was 11:35, and I decided that if I wasn’t seen within the next ten minutes I was just going to leave.

Finally, at 11:40, TWO HOURS after my scheduled appointment, the CNP (we’ll call her June) walks in. I was stunned. We saw June when Elliot was just a few weeks old and she was so rude that I called the office manager and requested to NEVER see her again, and I made sure it was noted in Elliots file. I also made sure to ask who I was being scheduled with for every appointment after that. This appointment was supposed to be scheduled with the actual Doctor (we’ll call him Dr. Blue). So when June came into the room I was floored. I couldn’t believe we were seeing this woman again..

She immediately chimed in one Elliot’s weight. Elliot was born at 6 pounds 3 oz, and he now weighs 11 pounds 4 oz. They’re supposed to double their birth weight by 6 months, so now at 4, Elliot is right on track! But according to her its not and I should be feeding him more.  *eyeroll*. She did a quick check of him and asked me questions as she did it. I specifically mentioned that I had a few questions to ask and wanted to discuss starting solids and she said ok, then she started talking about Elliots breathing.

If you’ve met Elliot in person, you know he’s a noisy breather. When we saw June the first time she referred us to an ENT Doctor and we went, and we saw the ENT doctor twice. That doctor concluded that Elliot’s noisy breathing wasn’t anything to be concerned about and was caused by the way his nose and throat developed. He was confident that Elliot will grow out of it in a year or so. She asked if we saw the ENT, I told her yes and explained everything they said, and she replied that she thought that the ENT might be wrong and was going to ask Dr. Blue to come look at El. (I’d like to add here that I LOVE Dr. Blue. He’s one of the two Doctors in the practice and he’s SO sweet and thorough.) Dr. Blue comes in and looks over Elliot and said that he agreed with the ENT and felt there was no need to Elliot to be seen again before the 1 year mark. He spoke with me for a minute and asked how we were doing, then excused himself and left the room. Well June turns around and walks out after him, shuts the door, and then I hear her arguing with him about whether or not Elliot should go back to the ENT.

About 5 minutes later (its now noon) a nurse comes in to check Elliots oxygen level, which was 100%. Then he leaves, but he left the door open. I sat and waited to finish the appointment…

about 5 minutes later a nurse walking by stops and says, “Oh honey you can leave.” I just looked at her for a second and said, “um…I’m waiting on his vaccinations and I’m not finished talking with June.” The nurse replied, “June already left for lunch… we’re all out of the vaccinations right now, so we’ll just get him at his 6 month appointment.”

WHAT. I was literally stunned into silence. Its one thing that they’re out of the vaccines, but its a complete other problem that the CNP LEFT in the middle of my appointment! Oh my god I was angry. I’m STILL angry. I shoved all of my stuff in the diaper bag, dressed Elliot, got him in the carseat, and went to check out. The girl at check out asked if I have his next two appointments scheduled (6 months and 9 months) and I said no and she starts to schedule them. “I’m not going to be able to get him in until the new year. Is the last week in January ok?”

Again…WHAT? My son needs a 6 month check up and your next available appointment isn’t until he’s almost 8 months??

I ended up just leaving. I don’t even know what to say about it all. I’m just stunned and livid. I’m going to take Elliot to the health department to get his vaccinations, and we’re starting the search for a new pediatrician right now.



5 thoughts on “Elliot’s 4 month pediatrician visit….

  1. Alicia, I complete understand why you are so upset. We took you and Tyler to UT Pediatrics, and we were very happy with them, you and Tyler both saw them till you both aged out.

  2. I wouldn’t protect the identities of these “professionals” if i were you. People should know where to stay away from.They obviously aren’t doing things right or they would be making appt.s on time for infants because their growth needs to be monitored very closely.(Especially if they are supposedly underweight!) Let this be a lesson to all mothers that you can’t always trust what a “Dr.” says.You know your own child better than anyone.You are the best judge of what he/she needs.This place sounds inconsistent & very unprofessional.

    • Joleine-

      You’re an incredibly stupid, piece of shit. you know that? WordPress gives me the IP address of who comments on my blog, and thanks to modern technology, I was able to find the exact address of who it belongs to. How are things in Oregon? You’re seriously so obsessed with this that you’ve stooped as low as pretending to be someone else just to leave a comment on my blog? Oh but now that I think about it…you’re actually extremely talented at conducting two personalities: Raging bitch one minute, Fake Bitch another. Get a life, and while you’re at it try to find some way to progress your maturity beyond the level of a middle schooler.

      All my love,

      PS- Fuck you.

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