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The Great Diaper Bag Search

Jason and I originally bought this diaper bag from BRU for $50.


It worked great for a while a I really do like the bag, but I need to replace it. Unfortunately if its packed with everything we need for a day its so stuffed its about to bust, and I can’t fit it under our stroller. I know when we have to start carrying toys and baby food that its just not going to work for us.

Thus began the great diaper bag search. Its hard to find a bag that will work with our cloth diapers, so I’ve been taking suggestions from friends on what I should get and narrowing it down from there. I’ve been torn on whether or not I just get two small bags and use one for diapers and changing, and the other for everything else. I finally just decided that I need a bag that is long and skinny so that I can fit everything I need and still get it under the stroller. Here are the bags I’m looking at right now.

The Skip Hop Studio Diaper Tote Bag


This is the number one seller on Amazon and it sells there for $71. It has fantastic reviews but my favorite is a review in which the woman counts off everything in her bag and it blows me away. She lists over 25 items in the bag and it includes her camera, make up bag, extra outfit for HER, and her wallet. I won’t be using the bag for personal stuff for me, but the fact that she can fit all of that and stuff for two kids says a lot about this bag. It also LOOKS like a personal bag, not a diaper bag. It also has extra clips on it that will help me while grocery shopping because I can clip it onto the side or front of the cart rather than having to take up room in the cart. My friend Allison has this bag for her twins and she says she has no complaints.


The Ju Ju Be- Be Prepared (Warning this photo is HUGE)

This is like the mother of all diaper bags to me. I love everything about it except the price. It sells on Amazon for anywhere between $150 and $180. There are so many wonderful things about this bag though, I wonder if its worth the money. the entire bag is teflon treated so it all wipes clean with a wet wipe. The inside is Argon and Anti-microbial so it wipes out nice and clean. One of my favorite things about it is the “crumb drains” which is a small, finger sized hole in the corner of the pockets that you can slide all crumbs to and shot them out.  All the hardware on this bag is real metal rather than the cheap plastic stuff so it holds up. It comes with a memory foam changing pad, and the shoulder strap is also memory foam. It has a separate “mommy pocket” with room for all of my things, and a small pocket with room for a laptop, magazine, kindle, or anything else like that.  One of my FAVORITE things about this bag is that its machine washable! =)




Both of these bags I think would last us a very long time and could last through multiple children. So right now its coming down to which one I like the LOOK of more honestly. The price also matters to. I have a 20% off Amazon coupon that expires on the 30th so I have to make this decision soon! lol



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