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Cloth Diaper Blog- How One-Sized Diapers Work

So when you start looking at Cloth Diapering, you have to decide whether or not you’re going to go with a Sized stash or One-sized stash. Sized diapers are a little less expensive, but you have to buy more as baby grows. We decided to go with a One Sized stash because the extra cost outweighed the cost of buying multiple sizes.

One sized diapers typically fit from around 8 pounds to 35-40 pounds. There are two types of “one sized” diapers, diapers with a rise, and diapers with adjustable elastic. I’m going to show you both of them, though I 100% prefer the adjustable Elastic.

Here is your Rise Example. This is a Happy Heinys Diaper, in its smallest setting.


Here is a picture of it in its biggest setting:


The rise diapers have a series of snaps down the front of them where the diaper folds over and it changes the length of the diaper from front to back, and by changing that it also changes the fit around the legs. These diapers also have a series of snaps across the top of the diaper for the fit around baby’s waist, and a second row of snaps that change the fit around the hips. Here is a photo of the diaper with all the snaps undone.


Now on the wings of the diaper a lot of them have an over lap option so that you can get a tighter fit. You can see that here:


Personally I don’t prefer the rise diapers because my son has really tiny legs and its hard to get a good fit around them. So a lot of the time we get leaks at his hips. I only have 5 diapers that are the rise kind right now and I think they’ll start fitting better as Elliot gains more weight though.

The next option is the elastic option. Fuzzibunz is the only brand that I know of that has this, and its one of the reasons I love my FBs so much! Here are two one sized FBs. Unlike the rise diapers, the fuzzibunz will always look like this.


These have the waist snaps and the hip snaps, but on these the hip snaps are slightly angled and closer to the actual leg opening.


The way these adjust is by changing the elastic in the leg openings. The Elastic is a long strand with holes and numbers, and you adjust them using a sizing system that comes with the diapers. Here is a photo of the elastic.


As you can see, the elastic is on the inside of the diaper, which can make it kind of a pain to adjust, but you don’t have to adjust them very often so its not that big of a deal. After you adjust it the extra elastic slides into a hole and its nice and neat. There is also elastic in the back of the diaper for around the waist.


Right now Elliot’s Elastics are set on number 6 in the legs, and number 3 on the waist.

For comparison, here’s the difference between the FB in a premie size on one side (top) and Elliot’s current size, on the bottom. Theres about an inch difference in the two right now.


I like the FBs much more because I’m able to really customize the fit for Elliot. They started fitting him around 7 pounds and they still fit so great! As you can see- most of my stash is made of them. I think we have 14…we’d LIKE to have about 6 more of them!



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