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Kid powered toys and Elliot’s first Christmas!

Color me excited. I have always loved christmas, but this year is different. If Jason would let me I’d drag the tree out RIGHT. NOW. I know its 100% thanks to it being Elliot’s first christmas. I want my home to look like christmas threw up this year. I want decorations everywhere, I want the tree to be big and beautiful, and I want to stack 100000 presents under it for Elliot. 

That being said though, I have to say that I’m going to try to limit myself on gifts for El. We have such a huge family that I’m pretty sure Elliots going to get spoiled no matter what we do, but we have to be careful or well never fit into our two bedroom apartment. (Lets be honest, its tight now!) 

I’ve even already started christmas shopping. And by christmas shopping I mean picking everything out and saving it to buy later. 

The most important thing to me when it comes to toys for elliot is that we inspire him to use his imagination. There are WAY too many kids now days that have no imagination, are glued to some kind of cell phone or tablet device, and can’t entertain themselves for more than 5 minutes without some kind of battery powered  SOMETHING. and that honestly pisses me off! 

One of the best toys I had when I was little was a race track that I shared with my little brother. It was a thick yellow race track that came in a ton of pieces and we could put it together how ever we wanted. My brother and I played with that thing ALL the TIME! We would always spend most of the time designing our track and then we’d be so proud of it we didn’t want to take it apart. 

Just like that track, I want to give elliot toys that are Kid-powered, not battery-powered. and I want to give him toys that inspire him to use his imagination, and make him think a little bit. (And while I’m at it, I’ll be damned if my child has an iPad or a cell phone before he’s 13 at LEAST). I also want to give him toys that are (as much as i can) organic, natural, and wooden rather than toys that are hard plastic and fall apart quickly.

So- With that being said- here is my current Christmas shopping list for Elliot! 

1) The PlanToys 50 piece Block Set. 



Their are many reasons to love this set. It comes from a company that believes in the 3 Rs of life, reuse, renew, and recycle; they’re wooden blocks and latex free; They promote imagination and though, which inspires a natural learning; and there are unlimited possibilities for what Elliot can do with them! I also like this set because the pieces are slightly smaller and its meant for younger children with smaller hands. 


2) Bright Stars Lots-of-Links 



Links are a staple baby toy. I picked these because they’re all different textures and bright colors. These are made from a slightly softer plastic so they have some give and baby can easily pull them apart. But my absolute favorite feature of these is that they’re Dishwasher safe and I can sterilize them so easily!

3) The Magica Rattle



This rattle is awesome. My favorite part is that its WOODEN and painted with organic paint. The bright colors are visually appealing, and The balls move about on the cord, so they aren’t fixed into one particular shape. That allows baby to shape and move them how ever they want. This is definitely one of those toys that cultivates imagination. 

And last but not least-

4) Green Toys- My First Stacker



I love this company because ALL of their products are made form recycled materials, and you can watch the process on their website. These stackers are made from old milk jugs. They’re nester style stackers so theirs no center pole which makes it safer for baby. These are also dishwasher safe! 





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