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Reflections on Three Months

Again I have to start this post with how fast time is flying. Its insane! I feel like I was just pregnant yesterday!

Elliot is doing great. He weighs around 9 pounds now (we don’t know an exact number because he only sees his pediatrician for his 2 and 4 month checkups). He is now officially sleeping through the night, usually around 7 or 8 hours. The other night he slept 10 hours and it was wonderful! 


He had developed quite the flat spot on the back of his head there for a while. We were kind of concerned and decided to increase his tummy time, and we purchased a boppy head donut for his swing and for when ever he’s laying on the couch or ottoman. He doesn’t sleep with the donut, and we don’t use it in his carseat, but it has helped. The increased tummy time has also really really pushed his head control! They say they’re supposed to hold their heads up around 4 months, and since Elliot was a late-term premie, I’ve not expected his head control to really come around until 5 months. But he holds it up really well right now! I’m always impressed to watch him look around and turn his head. 



He definitely recognizes our faces now. In the mornings when we wake up, I look over into his pack and play and as soon as he seems me he gives me the biggest smiles. Its absolutely my favorite part of the day. He’s awake most of the day now, usually only takes two naps, and in between he’s happy and smiley. He talks to us all the time to. 



He’s no longer wearing his newborn clothes. I’m in the process of packing those away for us to use for baby #2. He’s exclusively in his 0-3 clothes now, and they’re fitting well. I don’t think we’ll transition to his 3-6 month clothes until he’s actually closer to 5 or 6 months. 

He has also started the teething process. He drools a lot, and you can tell when he’s in some pain. You can see the bottom left tooth starting to work its way up. 

Here’s his two month picture and his three month picture. Personally, I don’t see much difference. This month was about filling out for him I think. The onesie is definitely tighter, and he’s gain weight in his arms and legs. 





3 thoughts on “Reflections on Three Months

  1. so what exactly is a pack n play? how is it different from a bassinet? are they the same thing? and when should you transition into the crib? my sister is having a boy in december, i think you already knew that though! :p elliot is so very precious btw.

    • A Pack N Play is similar to a bassinet and a play pen. It has a top part thats flat that the baby can sleep in up to a certain weight limit (its about the size of a crib, a bit smaller though) and then when the baby outgrows the top, you can remove it and the bottom is like a play pen that they can play or nap in and can’t jump out of. Right now the PNP is right beside my side of the bed, and when Elliot gets close to the weight limit for the top, which is 15 pounds on ours, we’ll transition him to the crib. =) Its best for babies to sleep in mom’s room for the first 6 months because they can regulate their breathing by listening to moms and it reduces the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) =)

  2. i think Elliot is adorable! he is a joy to me just like you were.i think you & jason are wonderful parents too.it’s just a huge blessing for me to see you experience this amazing gift,God’s perfect unconditional love.being a mother is the ultimate gift. i love you all so much

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