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Eco-friendly family- DIY Wool Dryer Balls

So wool dryer balls are a new discovery for me. I feel like I’ve been living under a rock. A fellow CD mom turned me on to them, but while reading about them I found that a ton of families use them. Whats great about them? Well, wool dryer balls lower drying time, reduce wrinkles, reduces static, and they completely replace fabric softener and dryer sheets! So instead of loading the clothes you wear every day with unneeded chemicals, you’re using a natural product to do the same thing. They reduce drying time by soaking up extra moisture in the clothes. They then disperse that moisture in the air, keeping the dryer humid for longer, and drastically reduce wrinkles.

But possibly the best thing about wool dryer balls is that if you make them tight enough, they can last up to 5 years! five years without fabric softener and dryer sheets. If you estimate that each family spends $20 a month on softener and sheets, thats a savings of $1,200 over 5 years! Holy cow right?! 

Wool dryer balls are super easy to make. I spent $8 dollars on supplies and made 3 dryer balls. (I could have made four but I couldn’t resist using the rest of the yarn to make a cute hat for Elliot!) 

There are several ways to make your own, the most important thing obviously though is to make sure you’re using 100% wool. You can buy wool yarn, felted wool, and you can up-cycle an old sweater! I used wool yarn and a little bit of felted wool, because its easier to wrap the tightest. 


So here’s a quick tutorial on how to make your own. 

1) Get your materials. I bought 100% wool and 2.5oz of felted wool at Hobby Lobby and spent $8. It could have spent less if I had caught the wool during 50% off week for the yarns. You’re also going to need a pair of panty hose or knee highs. I got a pair of knee highs at walmart for a quarter. 



2) Wrap your yarn into a tight ball. You want it about the size of a tennis ball. I used a bit of the felt in the center of each ball so that I had something to wrap around. Once you’ve got your ball, cut the string, tuck it under another and pull it tight. I used a bobby pin and pushed it deep into the ball for good measure. 



3) This is the most important step. Take your balls, and put them down into the stockings. Tie a knot between each one to keep them separated. 



4) Then you need to wash and dry them a few times. The more you wash and dry, the more felted they will become. make sure you wash them on HOT!! I did mine with the towels so they got some good friction. I washed and dried three times and then cut them out of the stocking. Tada! Wool dryer balls! They’re now smooth and the strings won’t pick up or move. 




How do you use your wool dryer balls? 

Just pop them in the dryer with the rest of your wet laundry. You can add as many as you want, I’m probably going to stick with my three. You can also add a few drops of essential oils to them, that will give your laundry that fresh scent you might be missing from your now-replaced fabric softener. =) 

Have you used wool dryer balls? What do you think?



For the record- here’s the hat I made for Elliot! I can’t wait for the friday night football games. He’ll definitely be wearing this hat. =)




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