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Reflections on two months.

God time is going by so fast. Elliot’s two months old now and I feel like it happened over night. Elliot’s still as awesome as he was the first month. He weighs 7 and a half pounds now and he eats about 5 ounces every 3 or 4 hours. He sleeps almost through the night…7 hours is what our pediatrician considers STTN, and Elliot will sleep for 6. 

Elliots certainly growing and developing more and more each day. He focuses on things and watches them really intently. He loves to stare at our faces, and I can tell he’s noticing colors to. 



He has also started “talking” to us. He coos and “ehs” and squeals. We haven’t gotten any real laughs yet, but we’re starting to get social smiles. He plays with us now to. I love when he first wakes up in the morning because he’s so smiley and happy to see me. =) 



We’re also in our cloth diapers full time now. He was so small that they didn’t fit at first and we had to use disposables for a while. (They make newborn diapers that are really small, we just didn’t buy any.)  We are LOVING the cloth. its so easy, and they’re so cute! They also don’t have that nasty smell that disposables have. And we love coordinating the color of his diapers with his clothes. =)



On the 1st of August, Jason officially returned to school, and students returned on the 3rd. So I am a officially a stay at home mom now. =)  and I love it. Being a SAHM is all I’ve ever wanted to be, and I am so excited that Elliot and I get to spend so much time together. (In the future I’m going to blog about our daily schedule, my cleaning schedule, and the activities we do as he best older) 

Here are some comparison pictures form the first month to the second month. its incredible how much he has changed. =)





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