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Cloth Diapering Part 5- Storage

So Elliot is almost 2 months and he’s in Cloth Diapers full time now. Every one has a different cloth diaper storage system, and most people change theirs frequently depending on what diapers they’re currently favoring. I thought I’d share what we’re doing right now so everyone can see. =)

This is our changing station. (Notice the pad is too big for the table…yes its annoying) The top two drawers hold diapers, and the bottom drawer is currently a catch all for random things I don’t know what to do with. Eventually I’ll put the diapers he grows out of down there for longer term storage until baby #2.


This is the top drawer. It holds covers, and all my diapers that NEED covers. So from left to right I have 24 Osocozy Prefolds size 1, 12 Green Mountain Prefolds in Newborn size. On the far right from back to front I have 1 one sized Blueberry cover, 6 size 1 Thirsties covers, and 2 size 1 Thirsties Fitteds.


This is the second drawer. It holds all the diapers that DONT need covers (pockets and All in ones), as well as extra pocket inserts, wet bags, and extra diaper pails. From left to right I have 12 one sized Fuzzibunz which are my favorite one sized diaper (I’m missing two from the picture). Behind them I have a Planet Wise wet bag, and two Kushies wet bags. Also missing from the picture are 2 one sized Alva Diapers that are normally behind the FBs. In the middle is one of my Planet Wise pail liners. Beside it I have my favorite diaper at the moment: 7 Thirsties All in One size 1s (I wish I had about 7 more of them!), beside them I have 6 Charlie Banana Pockets in size 1. Behind the CBs are some extra inserts for the pocket diapers. On that note- I have to add that as soon as diapers come out of the wash, I stuff the pockets and store them ready to go, that way I don’t have a ton of inserts sitting around and I don’t have to try to stuff a diaper with a squirmy baby.


Then above the changing table I have some small storage boxes. The biggest one has 36 cloth wipes made by Etsy Seller TurtlesRus, handsome solution from Thirsties. I don’t always use the solution because the dry wipes work just fine, but when I do I just spray his butt once or twice with it and then wipe. In the next box I have snappi’s for the prefolds, and some samples of other CD safe diaper creams (not pictured). The top box has extra Elastics that come with the fuzzibunz…(until I find a better way to keep them.)



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