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Baby Products We Can’t Live Without-Part 1

Ok So about two months ago I wrote a post about 4 baby items we purchased that I KNEW I would love and they absolutely lived up to my expectations. If you want to check you that post I’ll link it at the bottom.

This post is about the products we’re currently using and love! I have a list of about 10 products I want to review, so I’m going to split it into two posts. 

This is in no particular order, BUT…number one is actually my number one. haha

1) Fisher Price Rock N Play

This is by far our absolute favorite baby products. I heard about it through the grape vine and I knew we had to have one. Its a seat that functions as three products in one- Bassinet, Bouncer, and Swing.  Its so simple though! Its just a seat that props the baby up at an inclined position. The bottom is curved so it can rock if pushed, and its a perfect height to put right beside out bed for baby to sleep in. The Rock N Play got famous for being a lifesaver for colicy babies because it props them up without the worry that they could roll off the incline. It rocks smoothly, has mesh on one side to allow for air flow, VERY light weighting in at only 7 pounds, and it folds up to only 5 inches wide! It stores and transports easily, and our little one loves snuggling up in his for a nap. I recommend this to absolutely every new parent or soon-to-be parent I can. At only $45 it is a HUGE money saver! We haven’t needed our $20 bouncer or our $75 swing! We literally haven’t touched the bouncer since Elliot came, and the swing has been used one time. Had I know how great the RNP would be, we wouldn’t have wasted the money!


2) Moby Wrap

There are a lot of options when it comes to baby carriers. There are the standard soft carries like the Baby Bjorn or the Ergo, there are ring slings, and there are plain slings..then there are scarves like the Moby. Unilke other carriers that have tight straps over your shoulders, the moby is a wide piece of fabric that stretches over the entire shoulder and helps distribute the weight of the baby more evenly. There aren’t any buckles or snaps to deal with. Its easy to adjust and get a good fit as well because all you do is tie it on. 

Jason’s biggest concern when it came to the moby was the security of it, but once he saw it tied on, he relaxed a lot. The fabric makes an X across your body and the baby sits in the X, then an extra piece of fabric, the “seatbelt” pulls up and over the X for an even more secure fit. 

Elliot loves the moby. He snuggles up and goes right to sleep!


3) Boppy

Oh what can I say about the boppy that you haven’t already heard? Its one of the most staple baby items out there now. Its just a crescent shaped pillow, but it has come in handy so many times since our little one came. at birth, its designed to be used for nursing, then once the baby can sit up it helps them prop up while catching them if they fall back or from side to side. It works great for tummy time because he can prop his head up on it. Boppy also makes a newborn lounger that is basically just a pillow with a dent in it, but we’ve found that if we just tuck a stretchy blanket around the boppy, it works just like the “lounger”.


4) Munchkin Bottle Warmer

There are a TON of bottle warmers our there, and I’m not going to say we have the best one out there because I really have no clue. This was an impulse purchase when breastfeeding wasn’t working so well and we found ourselves trying to warm cold breast milk in the sink with a crying baby at 4 in the morning. This is a simple system..the bottle sits on a little bridge, you pour a little water in the chamber and it warms the bottle with steam in 90 seconds. It has a small cup on the front of it that has lines marked to show you exactly how much water you need. It also has a card attached to the back to tell you how much to measure out for how much milk you have, chilled or room temp. This thing has absolutely saved us SO much time and headache!


5) Last but not least- Grovia Magic Stick

When we decided to cloth diaper, there were a few other things that came along with that choice. One of them was that we couldn’t just use any old diaper cream. Certain cremes have ingredients that will hard the absorbency of the CD material. So I began the search for a CD safe cream. One mom suggested this creme, and she warned me that the price is high, but then she added that she bought one when she was pregnant and uses it once a day at the first diaper change, and did run out until her daughter was 13 months old! thats roughly 400 uses and she hadn’t run out yet!

So I bought it. I didn’t open it until Elliot was a few days old and I realized we hadn’t been putting anything on him when we changed him and his butt was getting really red. I opened it and Jason and I were both struck by the smell. its a delicious mix of grass, mint, and beeswax. Jason absolutely loves it! He takes a big whiff of it every time we open it. haha! We put the magic stick on Elliot’s bright red bum, and two hours later when we changed his diaper his butt was back to normal! =) Its priced at $12 but I definitely recommend it!


That’s all for now! I’ve got 5 more items we love that I will review soon! If you’d like to check out my first baby gear post you can find it here: https://aliciaonabreath.wordpress.com/2012/04/24/baby-gear-and-other-purchases-17/


upcoming posts: Cloth Diaper Storage, Baby Products We Can’t Live Without-Part 2, Band Camp with a Newborn, Life Changes, and Elliot’s two month check in. 


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