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Reflections on the first month

This post is going to come back and bite me in the butt I know… 

When we decided to have children, I began mentally preparing myself to give all my free time to and certainly all my sleep and sanity to our baby. I expected hours of screaming, sleepless nights, fighting to find the time for a shower, and all the other horrors that other parents just love to terrify you with when you’re expecting.


Elliot is a month old today and I’m just putting it out there Having a newborn is SO MUCH EASIER than I prepared myself for. I guess we’re blessed with an awesome baby? Elliot rarely cries, and if he does, something is actually wrong (he doesn’t cry just to cry). He eats on a reliable schedule during the day, and he sleeps for 4 to 5 hours straight during the night. Jason and I have still been able to enjoy our own personal time as well as time together. We’re not exhausted, we’re not going insane. We’re very much in the routine we were in before the baby came, theres just another person involved now! =) 


I’m thankful every day that we have a summer baby. These weeks where Jason doesn’t have to work have been an absolutely godsend. I’m sure I wouldn’t be typing this if he had come in the middle of the school year. Having this summer time to bond with our baby before Jason goes back to work is amazing! I’m also thankful every day to have such a wonderful husband. I have this theory that great fathers are made one of two extremes- either they had a terribly dead beat father of their own, or they had a loving, trustworthy, and reliable father. Jason falls into the latter of the two with an incredible example to follow when it comes to being a dad. Jason is quick to help with Elliot, he doesn’t mind to change a diaper and he’s willing to get up and do the middle of the night feedings when I’m exhausted. He “plays” with Elliot all the time, talks to him, loves on him, and basically makes me love him more every day. 



Im excited for what Elliots first year of life is going to bring for us. I can’t believe its going so fast! Thankfully, we’re not shy with the camera. He’s only been alive for 30 days and we already have over 600 photos of him! 





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