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Cloth Diapering- Part 3, Our Stash

In this post I’m going to break down our stash and talk about the diapers we went with and why. =) Originally I had planned to only use one type of diaper, but upon research and hearing opinions from other moms, I decided that we’d have to try some different types as well.

If you’d like to read parts 1 or 2 of my Cloth Diapering Series, you can find them here:




“Newborn” Stash–  I wanted to build my stash out of One Sized diapers so that I wouldn’t have to buy too much. However, for the newborn phase, I knew I’d need smaller diapers because most OS diapers won’t fit until the baby is 10-15lbs (even if they SAY they will!)

So for our newborn stash, I decided to use prefolds with covers, and then branched out and bought some small All-in-Ones (the kind that is just like a disposable), fitteds, and pockets.

So for the newborn stage I have

12 Newborn Size prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers. (This seems to be the brand that most CD moms swears by!)

24 Size 1 prefolds from Osocozy. These are very close to newborn size, but are about 2 inches longer and 1 inch wider than the GMDs.

6 Size 1 covers from Thirties (these are covers for the Prefolds, made from a material called PUL). The reason we have so few is because they can easily be wiped down and used with multiple prefolds.

3 Snappis. Snappies are the brand name of the elastic ties that have replaced the old school diaper pins.

Newborn Plus Stash– I’m calling this my newborn plus stash because these are diapers that could possibly work while Elliot’s a newborn but I bought them because they’ll also extend through that stage for a while.

6 Size Small Pockets from Charlie Banana (very popular brand, but also VERY expensive! I bought mine used for $10 a diaper!)

5 Size 1 All-in-Ones from Thirsties. I have a feeling these will be a favorite and we’ll end up order some size 2s when Elliots around 9 months old.

2 Size 1 Fitteds from Thirsties. These are our over night diapers. They’re made just like an All-in-one but require a cover. I plan to buy a few hemp inserts to add in to make them even more absorbent through the night.

1 one-sized cover from Blueberry.

One Sized Stash– Exactly what it sounds like- These are the diapers that can be adjusted and typically fit from the time baby is about 12lbs up until 35 or 40lbs. I don’t have many of these, and I definitely plan on buying more. My goal is to own about 20 OS diapers before Elliot is 9 months.

2 OS Pockets from bumGenius.

9 OS Pockets from Fuzzibunz


2 Pail Liners from Planet Wise. These are made from the same material as the covers (PUL) and have a zipper bottom. I’ll fill it up, then when its time to wash, I’ll just unzip the bottom, and dump the entire thing in the wash (liner to). We have two so that one is always in use when the other is in wash.

2 medium wet bags from Kushies. These are for the diaper bag when we travel. One can hold clean diapers, the other can hold dirty ones. However, they’re a draw string closure, which makes me nervous. So I also bought..

1 medium wet bag from Planet Wise. This wet bag has a zipper closure. =)

1 diaper rash stick form Grovia. We have to be careful about the products we use with the CDs. We have to use creams that are marked cloth diaper safe, or they could damage the absorbency of them. Grovia makes this cloth diaper diaper rash stick, and a personal friend bought one when she was pregnant, still hasn’t used all of it, and her daughter is over a year old!

36 cloth wipes from an Etsy seller called TurtlesRus. CD moms will tell you that cloth wipes work MUCH better than disposables because they actually pick up the mess rather than wipe it around. And most rashes happen because of the wetness left on the baby after the wipes. So if we’re going to be washing diapers, why not wash wipes as well?

2 bottles of Booty Luster, but Thirsties. This is a solution that we can spray on the wipes for a particularly messy change, or if Elliot’s bottom is irritated. Most of the time, however, we’ll use our cloths dry.

1 tub of Charlies Powder Soap. This is an organic, Cloth Diaper Safe laundry detergent.

1 bag RockNGreen Soap. This is an organic, Cloth Diaper Safe laundry detergent.

Other Diapers and Accessories we plan to order

1 more Thirsties fitted size 1

3 hemp inserts for our pockets (not sure which brand)

10 more Pocket Diapers (a mix of Fuzzibunz, Oh Katy, Charlie Bananas, and Go Green Champ Diapers probably. I wouldn’t mind to have all FBs though)

1 Diaper Sprayer. This attaches to the toilet and is just like a little shower head. We can use it to spray solids off the diapers. The sprayer is really needed until Elliot is 6 months old though, because breast milk poop is water soluble.

MAYBE some bigger covers and prefolds if we end up loving them.



I’m writing Part 4 tomorrow- Thats going to be about prepping,washing, and caring for the diapers. =)


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