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Elliot in 3D

I have been dying to see our baby in 3D since I found out we were going to have him. I wanted to see his little nose and eyes, I wanted to see if he had hair, or if he had chubby cheeks. 

I think every parent imagines what they want their little one to look like. Who’s features they prefer and want passed down and the features they pray get lost in genetics. So today when we finally got a few pictures of our baby boy in 3D, I was very excited to be able to make some better guesses about who he’s going to look like. 


First- I’m going to talk about what parts of me and Jason he inherits, and then I’m going to talk about the photo. 


The features I want Elliot to have:

Eyes- This one is hard for me. I really want Elliot to have my eye color, but I want him to have Jason’s eye shape, eye lashes, and brows. 

Nose- Jason’s Jason’s Jason’s! I was tortured in elementary school for my giant nose. I eventually grew into it a bit, but I definitely don’t want my children to go through that! Plus, Jason’s nose is adorable. 

Lips- Jasons! Jason has very full, very cute lips. haha

Hair- My color and strength, but Jason’s thickness and wavy texture. 

Cheeks- My cheek bones for sure. I think I have really chubby cheeks, and I definitely wouldn’t mind Elliot having them!

Ears- Doesn’t matter, I just want them to be whoever’s head he gets. 

Head Shape- Lord I HOPE it’s mine, but from the u/s it looks like his head is giant just like his dads. =P

Forehead- mine hopefully, and I really want him to have my hair line! 


Here’s the best photo we have. So far I think we’re right that he has Jason’s Eyes and Nose. I’m not quite sure about lips though. And we can’t tell if thats actually hair or not! 

Elliot is due in 7 weeks, and after he comes i’ll post a comparison photo and we can see how this one measures up. =) 


Tell me what you think!

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