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Baby Gear and Other Purchases

In this post I’m going to share a few of the baby purchases we’ve made so far and tell why I love them. Maybe in the future I’ll write reviews about what we loved and didn’t love. 

1) Britax B-Agile

This stroller is awesome! It was created by Britax for one reason and one reason only- to kick their competitor’s stroller’s butt. It rivals the Baby Jogger City Mini in many ways, but in my personal opinion the B-Agile kicks the City Mini’s butt. In recent years, the City Mini has been one of the top selling lightweight strollers on the market, but our stroller is catching up to it quickly. 

Some key features that I love about our stroller- 
Easy folding!!!

Extra Large Canopy

Fits a child from birth to 55 pounds, but ALSO works as a travel system with the carseat!

Awesome Storage



2) Our Crib- Stork Craft 

I knew I wanted a white crib, and I knew I wanted it to be truly gender-neutral. (SO many white ones are really girly)

I also knew that I would NEVER spend more than $200 on a crib. So when I found the Stork Craft Savona I knew it was the one. We bought ours from Amazon for $145 (Retails for $205), and put it together in about an hour. Its sturdy, hard wood, and very eye pleasing. I was worried about it being a bit big, but when we added the mattress yesterday we found that its actually quite snug. My favorite thing about this crib is that it converts to a toddlers bed, and then into a full sized bed.



3) Our Diaper Bag

This was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make as far as baby purchases… I needed something that was big enough to hold everything (including cloth diapers and DIRTY cloth diapers) but was still small enough to fit in the basket of our stroller…AND it had to be manly enough for Jason to carry it. We went with the Eddie Bauer Harrington Diaper Bag from BRU. Its the second most popular selling bag from them, and it has rave reviews. I also love the color! haha. This will probably get a further review after we pack it and use it a bit. =)



4) Our Monitor

When I thought of a baby monitor I thought of two small walkie-talkies that you use to hear whats happening in Baby’s room. I had NO idea how far they’d come! Not only are the usual sound monitors improved and still around, but there are now video monitors that can broadcast baby’s room over the internet (creepy!) as well as monitors that make sure the baby keeps breathing!! 

So, when I found the Angelcare Deluxe Movement Monitor I knew it would be ours. Its a monitor in its basic form, but it also comes with a pad that goes under the baby’s sheets. It detects all of the baby’s movements and even its BREATHING. If baby ever stops breathing, the pad will vibrate to remind him to breathe (which…apparently baby’s sometimes just forget. weird) and if there is no movement/breath for 20 seconds it sounds an alarm on the parent units ! How cool is that!? Theres also a swinging pendulum on the parent unit that monitors the baby’s breathing and can even tell you his heart rate! 

The monitor in the baby’s room acts like a nightlight, and it also scans the room for temperature, air quality, and carbon monoxide.  All those levels are displayed on the parent unit. 

This monitor is expensive, but with the reality of SIDS, the added piece-of-mind is definitely worth the purchase. Thankfully though, we received this as a shower gift! =)





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