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Prebaby Lists..

You can ignore this post for the most part. Its going to consist of my list of things we still need for the baby, and things I need to do around the house (to keep myself more organized). I’m posting it to share with some other mommas who are due at the same time as me.

June Bugs- When I made this list, I didn’t add clothes or the nursery furniture that we already had. But I feel like it pretty much covers everything.

Things needed for Elliot. (Starred Items are most important!)


Crib Mattress*

5-10 Crib Sheets*

Mattress Pad *

Breathable Bumper

Crib Skirt

Rock N Play Sleeper*

Pack N Play

Changing Pad

3-5 Changing Pad Covers


Small Night Light

Curtain Tie Backs

100 Hangers*


Baby Gear-


Boppy Cover*

Moby Wrap*

Ergo Carrier*

Car Seat Base (extra)

Swaddle Blankets*

Sleep Sacs

Tummy time mat/gym

Car Sun Shade

High Chair

10-20 Burp Cloths*

Free and Clear Laundry Detergent*

Baby Wash and Shampoo*

Bath Towels (5)

Wash Cloths (5)


Nursing Items

1 box disposable nursing pads*

3-6 sets washable nursing pads

Nursing Bras*

Lanolin Cream*

Nipple Shields

Breast Pump (Manual)*

Breast Pump (Electric)

Breast Milk Storage bags

Nursing Cover*

10-20 Bottles*

10-15 Pacifiers*

Bottle Brush*

Drying Rack



Baby Monitor*

Outlet Covers

Oven lock

Cabinet Locks

First Aid Kit*

Spout Cover for Bath tub*


Baby Care

Thermometer (Ear and Rectal)*

Baby Nail Clippers*

Hair Brush

Sophie the Giraffe Teether

Eye Dropper

Medicine Spoon

Nose Freda Snot Sucker*

Gas Drops


Bath Water Thermometor

Baby lotion

Baby-Safe Sunscreen*



Extra small wet bag (for wipes)

2 Medium wet bags

2 1 Diaper pail liners

Diaper Pail*

CD safe diaper rash crea

CW solution

12 (more) Prefolds

3 (more) covers

2 (more) fitteds

Diaper Sprayer

15 OS Pockets*

Clothes line and pins*

2 bags Rock N Green detergent*


Things to do around the house! 

Clean out Elliots Closet

Organize MY clothes and send stuff to goodwill. (Make room in my dresser for what I DO wear!)

Organize the Laundry room (for all the Cloth Diaper Laundry!)

Wash all of Elliots Clothes and organize them by size in his closet

Dust Dust Dust

Scrub the bath tubs and toilets (we’ve NEVER used the guest bathroom shower…)

Steam clean our bedroom carpet

Clean the Ceiling fans

Clean the Windows and glass doors

Do SOMETHING to Elliots window so that it won’t open..


Tell me what you think!

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