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Week 30 update

How Far Along: 30 weeks! (Oh my god!)

Maternity clothes?: Pretty much it. Pregnancy jeans SUCK..they do NOT stay up, and you can’t wear a belt obviously..so it kills me to constantly be pulling my pants up. I can still wear most of my pre-pregnancy T-shirts, but they’re getting too short. I’m loving dresses right now. =)

Sleep: After my wonderful wonderful husband surprised me with a snoogle, I’ve been sleeping much better. I’m up every hour or so to pee, but when I am asleep I’m actually resting. its nice. 

Best moment of the week: hmm….Elliot’s kicks are HARD now. Sometimes he kicks me so hard I yell out.  The other night Cobie was laying his head on my stomach and elliot kept kicking him in the chin. Every time Elliot kicked, Cobie would start wagging his tail. It was precious. 

Food Aversions: Nothing too much right now. I still can’t eat broccoli =(

Cravings: Watermelon, Strawberries, ice cream, grilled cheese..

Symptoms: I’ve learned to control most of the terrible ones, like heartburn. Really the worst part now is that my body just hurts. My back constantly hurts, my feet hurt, and I can’t get a full breath because he has his feet jammed into my lungs. I’m looking forward to when he drops. 

Morning Sickness: I had a good 3 weeks without any, but now it seems to be back. I’m not throwing up 6 or 7 times a day like I was, so its a HUGE improvement. Now I’m just neasous most of the time, again, because he’s getting big and my organs are squished. its weird to feel a kick and know which organ he just kicked or punched. 

Movement: All the time it seems. He kicks and punches HARD, but when he’s not flat out kicking, he’s wiggling. I swear I’m going to give birth to a fish. 

Gender: Baby Boy! =)  (Although I have these terrible dreams that he’ll come out and we’ll actually have a girl. Our hypnobirthing instructor told us that happened to her. She gave birth, hey handed her the baby, and she turned to her husband and said, “Oh my god where’s his penis!”) 

What I’m looking forward to: Our first shower is this weekend! I’m really looking forward to that time with my family and celebrating the new baby. My awesome cousin is hosting it and I’m sure she’s done an amazing job. (she won’t tell me anything!) I THINK we’re having a shower with Jason’s family some time in June, but we haven’t heard anything yet. 

I’m also really looking forward to our tour of the Lisa Ross Birth Center in knoxville. Originally I was seeing an OB and planning to deliver at a hospital in Sevierville but after learning some hospital policies, and having an annoying experience with my doctor, I’ve decided that the birth center might be a better option since we’re having a natural birth. Jason’s still apprehensive because its not a HOSPITAL, but hopefully the tour will calm him a bit (he was apprehensive about a natural birth at first to!)

And Obviously, I’m looking forward to Elliot actually BEING here. =)

What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach, Hot tubs, being able to go more than 4 hours without peeing, being able to hug my husband closely. I hugged him a few days ago and he said, “wow…you’re so far away…”

Next appointment: Wednesday the 25th at Lisa Ross, assuming Jason gives me the go-ahead with the center. (I have a feeling he’ll be fine with it after he gets to see the center and ask questions) 



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