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Cloth Diapering- Part 2

In this post, I’m going to break down the different types of Cloth Diapers we’re going to use (And the brands we chose) I COULD explain ALL the modern kinds of diapers, but there are about 10..and we’re only using…5 of them…I think.

Those are: Prefolds, Fitteds, Covers, All In Ones, and Pockets =)

Prefolds: This is one of the most popular and well-loved options in CDing, and it is also the most like the old school diapers. Its a large rectangle made out of an absorbent material such as fleece, microfiber, or hemp. The center of the cloth is double stuffed so it’s most absorbent. The Gerber diapers you see at Target and Walmart are prefolds, but they aren’t nearly as absorbent as the Chinese prefolds (CPF’s) you can buy on-line. These diapers are sized and the stitching on the edges of the prefolds are coded to tell you the size (for example, dark green = infant, white = regular, dark blue = premium). The infant sizes usually work up to three months, the regular sizes can go from 3 months to 18 months, and then the premium ones are from toddlerhood on. We’re skipping the infant ones, and getting mostly regular and premium because I don’t plan on using prefolds as my main diapering system. We will also be using these as burp cloths.

These diapers require a fold onto the baby, and then a way to fasten it. Old school momma’s used pins, but today we have something awesome called the Snappi. It’s a t shaped stretchy little item with clips on the end (like for an ace bandage) you clip it on either side of the baby’s hips, and down the center to hold the pre fold in place. Most importantly with this type of diaper is that it require a cover!

Fitteds: This type of diaper is a popular option for moms that like prefolds, but need a better over-night option. These are made out of the same material as the prefolds, but are sewn and “fitted” so that they fit just like a disposable. There’s elastic in the legs, and velcro or buttons to hold them in place. These diapers also are sized, and they require a cover. 

Covers: There are several different types of covers. I’m going to just stick to explaining the ones we’re using. Now don’t confuse these with the plastic pants old school mommas used to use. These are totally different. They’re made from a waterproof, but breathable material called PUL, and they’re very soft. They look just like a regular diaper. We’re going to be using a brand called Thirsties. These covers are ONE SIZED, which means they have a variety of buttons and snaps, and can be worn from the newborn stage, to the toddler stage.

If I end up loving prefolds and fitteds, I might also try Wool Covers. These are covers that are, obviously, made of wool. They’re super absorbent but they also keep moisture from the outside. A lot of parents prefer wool over any other cover, but I’m not sold on them yet.

All-in-Ones: These diapers are bound to be Jason’s, and the rest of our family’s favorites. I like to think of them as the “lazy” cloth diapers. They’re EXACTLY like disposables, but they’re washable. They’re all one piece, no covers, no pins. These diapers are trim and fit, and they come in sized OR one-sized options. We’re going to order some, but not a lot. I plan on sending them when someone babysits, or using them when I’m just too tired to bother with pockets. (The next diaper) The downside of All in One diapers is that they take a seriously long time to dry. I can throw them in the dryer, BUT if I want them to last a long time and stay in good shape, I’ll need to air dry/line dry them, which with an AIO could take two days.

Pockets: These are the types of diapers I’m mainly building my stash out of. These have a layer of fleece sewn to a cover, with an opening in the back so that the inside of the diaper can be stuffed with an absorbent “stuffer”. Basically, these are just like All in Ones, but I can pull out the center soaker when we wash them, and I can dry them without damaging them or the diaper. The best thing about pockets is that if the absorbency isn’t enough, I can just “stuff” another  layer or material to help. With AIO’s you’re stuck with what you get.  Inserts for the pockets can be bought in a ton of different materials, and most diapers come with two fleece inserts. I’m also going to be buying some hemp and bamboo inserts.

There are two major brand of pockets (and AIOs) that fight for the top spot as today’s #1 CD. Moms definitely have their preference. These two brands are bumGenius, and Fuzzibuns. I like fuzzibuns just because they’re cuter and come in more colors, but that doesn’t mean that Elliot will like them. So, we’re going to get some of both.  =)

Here’s a link to our Amazon Registry, which is mainly cloth diapers. This is NOT to ask you to buy something, I’m just posting it if you’d like to see the Cloth Diapers. One the registry, you’ll find some of everything I mentioned in this post, in multiple colors. You’ll also see some different detergents, and washing accessories, as well as some bags called Wet Bags, which are used to store the dirty diapers in between washes. My next blog will be all about caring for, and maintaining the cloth diapers. =)

Oh! You’ll also find cloth wipes! Thats something else we’re going to do. =)


Updated to add a photo, our Stash!:


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