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Old Wives Tales- Results!

So, last week we found out that we’re having a baby Boy! Elliot Jason Sharp will join us this June. Interestingly, EVERYONE thought we were having a girl! Even Jason and I did. (Which just goes to show how WRONG these old wives tales can be!)

The following tales were the ones that were correct for us. =)

1) Carry High/Carry low- This OWT says that if you carry high, you’ll have a girl, and that if you carry low, you’ll have a boy. I’m carrying very low, and to the right if that matters. So- BOY.

5) Numbers- This tale is from the Mayans, it takes the age of conception, and the year of conception. If both are odd or even, it’s a girl. If one is odd and the other is even, its a boy. I conceived at 20, in 2011, so- BOY

8) Face Shapes- This OWT says that if your face gets rounder during pregnancy, it’s a girl. But if your face gets more narrow, its a boy. I’ve been loosing weight, and my face has narrowed a bit. so- BOY

10) Cold feet- This OWT says that if your feet are cold then it’s a boy. But if they’re the same as pre-pregnancy, then it’s a girl. I’ve been colder in general lately (possible because of losing weight), so- BOY

11) Hair- This OWT says that if your hair is growing quickly, its a boy. My hair has been growing like crazy! so- BOY

18) What does Grandma say?- This OWT says that the grandmothers always know. Jason’s mom has told me she thinks it’s a boy. My mom hasn’t made a guess. haha. so- BOY

19) The Key- This OWT says that if you pick up a key from the skinny part, it’s a girl. If you pick it up from the round part, boy. I pick up from the round, so- BOY

Some point soon, I’ll be posting one blog about our DIY Dr. Seuss Nursery. I’ll also be adding a post about Natural Child Birth and our plan for Hypnobirthing. =) I may do one about Cloth Diapering to. we’ll see.


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