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Old Wives Tales- Baby’s Gender?

We will find out the sex of our baby on February 10th. So obviously, up to this point, we’ve heard just about every old wives tale about what the gender would be, and what people think or “know” what we’re having. I thought I’d write a blog, and go through all the tales I can think of, and then after we find out, I’ll update with which were “correct” (FOR US) and which were wrong.

1) Carry High/Carry low- This OWT says that if you carry high, you’ll have a girl, and that if you carry low, you’ll have a boy. I’m carrying very low, and to the right if that matters. So- BOY.

2) Heartrate- This OWT says that if the baby’s heart beat exceeds 140 BPM, then it’s a girl, if it is slower than 140 BPM, it’s a boy. Our baby stays in the 160s..so- GIRL

3) Sweet/Sour- This OWT says that if you crave sweet things, you’ll have a girl. But craving sour and salty snacks, you’ll have a boy. Personally, I’ve craved both, but upon further examination, I think I’ve craved more sweet things (fruit, juice, ice cream). So- GIRL

4) Chinese Birth Chart- This chart takes your age of conception, and the month, to determine the gender. This made me laugh at first, because apparently, anyone that’s 20, and conceived in October, will have a- GIRL

5) Numbers- This tale is from the Mayans, it takes the age of conception, and the year of conception. If both are odd or even, it’s a girl. If one is odd and the other is even, its a boy. I conceived at 20, in 2011, so- BOY

6) Beauty- This OWT says that the girl steals her mothers beauty, but a boy gives his mother beauty. I have been breaking out on my face, my skin is irritated and itchy, my hair is thinning and oily, and I overall feel terrible most of the time. haha. So- GIRL

7) Morning Sickness- Morning sickness means girl, no morning sickness means boy! I am STILL throwing up…so- GIRL

8) Face Shapes- This OWT says that if your face gets rounder during pregnancy, it’s a girl. But if your face gets more narrow, its a boy. I’ve been loosing weight, and my face has narrowed a bit. so- BOY

9) Resting- This OWT says that if a mom prefers to lay on her right side, its a girl, and the left side means a boy. Personally, I’ve always preferred to lay on my right- GIRL

10) Cold feet- This OWT says that if your feet are cold then it’s a boy. But if they’re the same as pre-pregnancy, then it’s a girl. I’ve been colder in general lately (possible because of losing weight), so- BOY

11) Hair- This OWT says that if your hair is growing quickly, its a boy. My hair has been growing like crazy! so- BOY

12) Hands- This OWT says that if you have dry skin- particularly your hands, then its a GIRL. I’ve already complained about dry skin, and I’ve started carrying hand lotion with me a lot more. haha. so- GIRL

13) North or South- This OWT says that if the head of your bed points north- then its a girl. South means its a boy. The head of our bed is facing West. So- DINOSAUR?

14) Mom’s Intuition- This OWT says that mother’s intuition is right 71% of the time. From the beginning, we’ve thought it was a GIRL. (Even though lately, I’ve been thinking it’s a boy..) so- GIRL?

15) Speedy Sperm- (This one might be a little TMI) This OWT says that the girl sperm are faster and stronger, and that boy sperm are slower and die first, so if you were tracking Ovulation, you can “pick” the sex by timing sex. If you want a girl, stop sex 3 days before ovulation (so that the girl sperm meet the egg) and if you want a boy, START sex two days before ovulation. This is interesting to me because I was temping and using OPKs to see when I ovulated, and we thought we had missed the fertile window completely because sex was 4 days before O. So in this case- GIRL. (If you’d like to read more about this theory- you can read about the Shettles Method Here -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shettles_Method)

16) Bump Shape- This OWT says that if the bump is sticking out, its a boy. If it’s wide, its a girl. My bump seems wide. so- GIRL

17) Daddy’s Unmentionables- This OWT says that if Dad wears briefs, its a Boy. Boxers, its a girl. Jason wears boxers, so- GIRL.

18) What does Grandma say?- This OWT says that the grandmothers always know. Jason’s mom has told me she thinks it’s a boy. My mom hasn’t made a guess. haha. so- BOY

19) The Key- This OWT says that if you pick up a key from the skinny part, it’s a girl. If you pick it up from the round part, boy. I pick up from the round, so- BOY

20) The Ring test- This OWT says that if you hand your ring from a string above the bump, the way it swings will tell you the gender. Back and forth means its a girl. Circle means its a boy. When Jason and I did this, it swung back and forth. so- GIRL.

So- Out of all these tales- the finally count is

GIRL- 12
BOY- 7

I’ll come back after we find out the gender, and I’ll add whether or not they were right or wrong. =) Until then, leave me a comment and tell me what YOU think it will be!


One thought on “Old Wives Tales- Baby’s Gender?

  1. My vote is dinosaur.
    No, seriously I’ve been trying to figure out for weeks if I think you’re having a girl or a boy and I just can’t decide!!! I can’t wait until Feb. 10th, though!! 🙂

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