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Building our home

My husband and I, (oh by the way, we’re married now) have this very bad habit of window shopping. We’ve had this long running list of things we want to buy for a while now. That list includes a kitchen table, couch, new tv, new bedroom suite, and a new mattress. We’ve been planning out budgets and talking about what we want and what order we want to buy things in, and we’ve been working hard to keep in mind that what ever furniture we buy now, we will be using for a long time. like….well in to children-time. So, what we get has to hold up against spit up, spilled juice, snot, and baby claws. (seriously, babies’ nails are TOUGH!)

The reason we’re so anxious to get these things is that we currently lived on ALL BORROWED furniture. We have a beat up chair thats ours…but you can’t sit in it too hard or the arms will fall off. We have a very small love seat, (God help the fabric pattern) but it can only hold me and jason. Our kitchen table is literally a family heirloom, with only two chairs. we never sit at it because we’re terrified of it falling apart and then having to explain that to his parents. =/ SO, only having a love seat, and having a table that only seats two seriously restricts us from having house guests.

Today, inspired by the memorial day sales, we decided to go look at couches. We know that we want a sectional, with a movable chaise, preferably leather, with room to seat at least 5. We’ve look at knoxville wholesale in the past and what we want runs us at about 800-1000 dollars. Today while at Rooms to Go, we came across a set that we loved. its a large section that seats 4, for $788. There was also a giant swivel chair that matched it that seats two, and a large ottoman, BUT, they doubled the price.

Then we got to looking closer and the sale marks, and the deal got pretty sweet. we can get the sectional, swivel chair, ottoman, TV stand, and a 51″ TV in a package for $1,990, with no interest for FOUR years! (like..holy crap right?) So, even if we paid the minimum monthly payments, the payments would only be $45 a month.

So we set our minds to it. Only to be shot down when they said that the tax and delivery fee had to be paid up front. Jason doesn’t get paid again until June 20th, so we didn’t have the extra $$$ to pay the delivery fee. (seriously, can’t we just pick it up? I can carry the sectional, I promise!)

It was pitiful. we were so let down.

BUT, then came my amazing mother to the rescue once more. haha. She offered to pay the delivery fee and sales tax as long as we give it back to her next month, because if we miss the sale (that ends tomorrow), the set goes up by 1000 dollars and we lose the TV/TV stand deal.

Wooo! So it looks like we’re going to get some new furniture. =) Pretty pumped.

Take a look. What do you think?


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