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The wedding is 3 days away. Holy cow its so surreal to say that. THREE days! It surprises me every time I say the wedding is this saturday. But I digress..this blog isn’t about how excited I am.

As Jason and I move closer to our wedding day, I have just been floored by how amazing our friends and family are. We have always known that our friends are pretty wonderful, but lately I have just been amazing by the treatment we’ve received from some of our friends! For example…

Alex Van Buren- She’s my best friend, and my pseudo Maid of Honor. Alex has been there for every step of planning this wedding, from all my changed decisions to the unanswered questions to the bachelorette party. Did I mention that she and the next girl-to-be-mentioned organized and threw my bachelorette party? =) Alex also got us a really wonderful gift. Literally two days after I told Jason we needed to organize our recipes (we cook a lot), Alex gave us beautiful recipe book with pull out cards to write all of our recipes, and tabs to organize them by meat, vegetables, desserts, drinks, etc. I had so much fun filling it with mine and Jason’s recipes and marking which was whose favorite. I even asked my mother to give me some of her old recipes to put in it, and hopefully one day my daughter will be looking in this same book for my recipes. Just the fact that Alex knows us well enough to know that this is a gift we would cherish amazes me. She’s wonderful.

Sylvia Redman- She’s my other best friend, and pseudo Bridesmaid, just like alex she’s been there every step of the way with this wedding and she helped plan the party. The gift that Sylvia got me is wonderful. The first part of the gift though was a 4 page, hand written letter that started with, “I don’t know if you know this, but I read every blog post you write” the note was beautiful and I definitely had to put it away with my treasure items** to keep forever. So, because she knows my love to write, she bought me a Vera Bradley journal, and an adorable photo album for our first year of marriage. The journal is awesome because if you know Sylvia, you know her obsession with Vera Bradley. I’ve picked it up a couple of times to start writing in it but I’m forcing myself to wait until I’m officially Alicia Sharp. Same with the album. I’m not sure if I want to put wedding photo’s in the album or just photos from the honeymoon or what. But I’m excited to fill it and the journal. Sylvia was definitely on point when she was picking it out, and again, it amazes me that she knows me so well. =)

My Mom- This is definitely not going to be one where I’m amazing at how well they know me..I’m just simply amazed by how much they love me and Jason. My mother has helped us so much with the wedding by paying for the photography and the venue, she’s even helping with the cost of food. Tonight I was at her house (its 3AM..) and we were talking about all the last minute stuff I need for the wedding and she mentioned that she had something for us in the trunk of her car. (sounds shady huh?) Well…as I was getting ready to leave she opened the trunk to her car and in side was ALL of the bedding that we registered for! I was floored! I had mentioned at some point a few months ago that out of everything on our registry, the bedding was what we wanted the most and she remembered. She bought us a down comforter, vera wang mattress pad, 600 thread count sateen sheets, a down alternative blanket, and a king sized plush blanket. Holy crap! It just blows my mind that she, after all that she’s already paid for, went completely out of her way and spent SO much extra money to get us these gifts. It just makes me realize how much she loves us. I know Jason’s going to be excited that I’m not going to have a reason to complain about our bedding. haha.

Christy and Steven, Cheryl (Sylvia’s Mom), Emily and Sam, and Jason’s parents have also been amazing through all this planning. I’m not just mentioning people because they’ve gotten us gifts or anything, I’m just so amazed by how much people care about us.

3 days until the wedding, then honeymoon. I probably wont blog again for a while, but you guys are used to that right?


One thought on “Gratitude

  1. Mrs. Sharp,
    I am so proud of you and Jason. It is something very special to find the “one”, and to find them so early in life is just icing on the cake. I am so excited for the two of you to start your lives together…it reminds me of Christy and myself! I can see the love you two share and I can’t wait to celebrate that love with you guys on Saturday. I am grateful to have you two in my life and that you allow Christy and I to be a part of yours, I count you not only as family, but truly great friends. Good luck, and we’re here if you need anything!

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