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One month and 12 days in our new home.

Every little thing we do in our new home is exciting for me. Jason doesn’t exactly have the same reaction..so maybe its a girl thing.

Every purchase is really exciting for me. In the past month we’ve purchased:

A Blender
A Set of Pots and Pans
Drinking Glasses
Wine Glasses
A Coffee Table
A Large living room chair (that I LOVE!)
And this weekend we’re going to buy a beautiful Dining room table!

It’s exciting for me because every small purchase, I know, is going a small building block in our young lives together.

Its the same for the other small things to….like…

For Christmas Jason bought me a Hollander Lop (Rabbit) and we named him Sir Baxter. its wonderful to sit and watch him, because every little thing he does that’s new excites us. Its just like our puppy Cobie. They’re building blocks in our relationship and every memory we make with them I know is building on our lives together.

or when we try out new recipes and find a meal we really love..I know thats a meal well continue making. Jason makes an incredible Chicken meal, and every time we have it I think about how it will definitely be a favorite dish of our future children.

I dont know, Jason thinks it’s dumb when I get all mushy and point out one of these “building blocks” and he just laughs at me. But I get so excited over these small things. I can’t wait for the rest of our lives together.


One thought on “One month and 12 days in our new home.

  1. I’m the exact same way Alicia. Steven and I have been married now for 6 and a half years. We are at the point where we are ready to slowly start moving old stuff out and getting new stuff to replace it. Like our Christmas tree that only has half of its lights still working, the coffee table, futon, etc. Steven says, “the friggin Christmas tree is broke so we need another one. Get over it!” But it was our first tree! And it’s sooo unique! It’s a little sad to let go of these things. To me, they represent not only our “firsts,” but also us working hard and saving up to buy these things. So you go ahead and be sentimental. We can be that way together!

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