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well..I totaled my jeep. =(

well..I was on my way home from work, and I turned onto Dutch Valley and I was going about 30 MPH. I hit a patch of black ice in the road and slid into the other lane and there was a car headed straight towards me, so I cutmy wheel to the right really had to keep form hitting them. when I cut it to the right I lost control and my car started spinning in circles, I spun twice and then hit a knot in the road and my jeep went airborn and I landed on a concrete wall. When I landed I slammed my head into the window and then I slammed my head into the radio. When I hit the window I thought that I shattered the window, but what I really heard was the back axel snapping in two. God when my car was spinning I just closed me eyes and held on. The car that I almost hit stopped and they called 911 for me because I still dont have a phone. I just climbed out of my car and like..l just layed down in the mulch for a minute and I like..just kind of mentally tried to feel every part of my body. The police came and they were trying to make sure I was ok. and as we were standing there, a little car hit the ice just like I did and flew intot he ditch. So the cops closed the road. I went to the ER and they said that I have a concussion and a contusion and just a bunch of bruises. They also put me on three different meds for the pain and stuff.

I talked ot the insurance place today. they said they should call me by friday and let me know where they’re going to do. But they said that theres a. 89% chance they’ll total it out because of when I told them on the phone.

I love my jeep so so much. I really feel like I’ve lost a child or something. I’ve prided myself on taking such good care of her and never having a wreck. But, all good things come to an end right? and at 19, 4 years since I started driving, I finally had my first wreck. At least it wasn’t my fault right?

The cops closed the road right after they got there because the Ice was so bad. So i just keep telling myself that It could have been worse, I could have been killed, or someone with a baby in the car could have hit the ice before me and gotten hurt you know?

Click this link if you’d like to see pictures of my poor baby. =(



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