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Joyeux Noël!

So…its been forever since I blogged, so I’m going to bullet this blog too!

The end of the semester

So, the end of the semester went well. My grades were pretty good. I actually made my first A since I started College. haha. But my grade in 301 was TERRIBLE because my Research paper was so late..so I may retake 301 and raise my grade, but I don’t know if it I can fit it into my schedule.


Oh my gosh so Jason got me the best christmas present ever! He bought me a Hollander Lop, and I named him Sir Baxter. He’s completely blue and he’s probably the best rabbit in the whole wide world. I’ve wanted one for a really long time. =)

Jason’s parents bought me some bath and body works stuff, and a wall decal that says “Live Laugh Love”, and his grandmother bought us a toaster oven. The decal is hanging above our Bar, and it looks really great. And the toaster oven matches all out other appliances. They got Jason so tools (which we REALLY needed) and some clothes.

Our cousins, Christy and Steven Collins, bought us some towels as a house warming gift a few weeks ago so I didn’t expect anything from them, but they surprised us by buying us a set of Martini Glasses, Margarita glasses, and a mixing set. (Which happened to be the exact ones we registered for, so Go Collins!)

And in just a random minute, Jason and I came across these framed, matted prints from Disney. They’re 15 dollars a piece, and theres a bunch of different ones. We bought two, one of Mufasa and Simba, and one of Ponyo and one of the dalmatians. We hung them in our living room, and I want to go back and get some more of them. Theres a little mermaid one, and about 4 more that I can’t remember right now. But the plan is to hang them in our living room right now, and when we have our first child, they’ll hand in his or her room. So they’re an investment, right?

On a side note here: I REFUSE to let my children grow up on the crap thats on TV now. I want my kids to watch the classic disney movies, and rugrats and hey arnold and face. Some of the stuff thats on nickelodeon now absolutely disgusts me.

I didn’t see my family on Christmas, I didn’t want to. So Jason and I spent the day at his family’s home, and it was nice.

New Years

So for New Years, Jason and I are going to throw our first official party in our new home! Its going to be small, only about 10 or 12 people, but we’re getting excited about it. I’m going to rent “Just dance” which is a game for the Wii. If you’re interested, you can see people playing it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0_dL5w_3WA&feature=channel

So yeah, were pretty pumped about that.


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