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this blog is going to have multiple topics

The end of the semester:

So I have two days of classes left, two finals on each day. I’m so glad this semester is winding down. Then end of it was just too hard for me to make it through. As of right now, I have to finish my research paper, write three other papers for Novel, write a paper for Comm, and then I’m done. So 4.5 papers…I can do this. I’m off all day monday and I’m pretty sure all I’m going to do is write. I plan on using my break to finish unpacking the rest of the boxes, then work and work and work.

My current Obsessions:

Lately, thanks to Dr. Collins, I’ve been on a knitting and crocheting kick. I’ve probably made about twelve different things in the past week. I actually just started a hat to gift as a secret santa gift tomorrow. I’m glad I’ve picked it back up, even though it took me a while to remember everything, its just a really relaxing project. I REALLY want to make some hand warmers, but I can’t figure out how to do it! I found osme really great yarn at Walmart, its bright pink, super soft, and thick and I REALLY want to make some warmers from it, but I just can’t get them to work out! The yarn is called Lion Brand, super bulky. It’s 100% acrylic, which I found surprising. So I’m making it my goal to have a bright pink pair of hand warmers by next semester.

My other kick right now, just happens to be movies. Jason and I have watched a new movie every ngiht for the past 4 nights. Right now we’re watching “The Town.” I love having a fiance that manages a Blockbuster because we get all the new movies a week before they come out. Last night we watched “She’s out of my League” and it was SO FUNNY! I really didn’t expect it to be any good, but it was. =) A book I read a month ago, called Flipped, was actually turned into a movie and it came out in late november, so at some point I’m going to get him to get it so I can watch it. It looks like they did a great job on it.

Christmas Parties:

Monday night was the English Department’s Christmas party. Sylvia and I decided to go to walmart and buy Santa hats to wear, and then I decided to look for some Red lipstick to match. =) We ended up being the ONLY ONE’s that dressed up (festively that is) but we looked really cute. =) I’m not one for over the top Christmas spirit, but for some reason, this year is a little different. I’ve definitely feeling my “spirit” as if it’s on steroids. haha. I’m going to another christmas party saturday night and I’m pretty excited about it. Actually thats what I’m crocheting this new hat for. =)

Miley Cyrus

Ok so I just really have to talk about this for a minute. God..I’ve just..always been a fan of Miley Cyrus, not a screaming “oh my god its her!” type of fan, but just a watcher that respects her for being a decent role model.

I really have an issue with pop starts like ke$ha, who glamorize being a drunken whore. I’ve always said that Ke$ha looks like she’d be sticky if I touched her. But I’ve respected Miley because she has always been aware that she was a role model, and that she’s always been a GOOD role model.

Well, recently i’ve been rather disappointed in her. From the nude photos, to the smoking and partying, she just seems to be on the slippery slope recently traveled by Lindsey Lohan and Brittany Spears.

A news report came out yesterday that Miley was caught doing Drugs. That just kills me. I really want to slap her across the face and say Really Miley? What the HELL is your problem?

I mean, a part of me wants to say, “give her a break, she’s 18, wants to have fun, and she’s going through a rough time” but NO! I don’t give a shit what she’s going through or what she wants. She KNEW when she broke from disney that she would never fully shake that role, and there are still billions of young girls that look up to her!

God it just pisses me off. She needs a good talking to.

We just finished watching “The Town” and it was really good.


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