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Illness and other things.

So I ended up in the ER again last night. Found out the Mono test was negative, but they went ahead and did another strep test and a flu test and a chest X-ray. And it turns out that I have pneumonia and the flu. (I’ve typed pneumonia so many times that I’ve actually learned how to spell it. haha) So now I’m laying in bed. I missed both of my classes today, and that only stresses me out more because I was supposed to give a speech this morning. =/

On tuesday, my Jeep hit 150,000 miles. That’s quite a mile marker for me, and I almost cried as I watched it turn to all those zeros. When I bought my Jeep 3 and a half years ago, it had only 48,000 miles on it, and I’ve been able to watch it hit 50,000, 100,000, and now 150,000. My Jeep has driven me to Ohio over 15 times, South Carolina over 40 times, Atlanta about 8 times, Miami 1 time, Southern Texas 1 time, and to Michigan 1 time. Josie (as I named her the day I got her) has been through a lot with me. My first break up, my first audition, she waited patiently for me when I was gone all summer marching Drum Corp, she was with me when I was a camp counselor in kentucky, she was there when my mom was arrested, and she was there the day I met Jason. I could sound crazy and easily say that my Jeep has been my best friend, but its more than that I think. That jeep was my dream car in every way. I remember, when I was 12, the first time i saw one and I knew that was my car. I said for years that my dream car was a “Limited edition 2003 Black Jeep Liberty” and I was lucky enough to find and buy one right after I turned 16. And Josie fits me so well. But this is really sad for me because I feel like the life of my jeep is slowly beginning to come to an end. I know that if I continue to drive this much (and you all know I drive a LOT) that in another 3 years, I may have to start looking at new cars. Maybe I can just make my Jeep last forever? Drive her to 500,000 miles and replace her engine when It has to be done? I dont know.

I still plan on writing a blog about books. It’s just taking longer than I expected.


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