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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, Review.

I haven’t been able to get this movie out of my head since I saw it 9 days ago.

I was affected by this movie a lot more than I thought I would be. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. I usually come home with a ton of complaints about the movies. But I literally just have like..5.

Things I liked:

The opening sequence of the movie where it showed Harry and Ron and Hermione leaving and how it showed that they knew they were potentially leaving everything they had ever known behind. When hermione eraser herself from her parents memories, that was just so emotional and so tragic. It had me in tears 20 seconds into the movie.

I liked that they allowed for SOME humor, mainly situational, so that the characters weren’t making jokes, but there were small things to laugh at but it instantly pulled you back into that seriousness because they ARE in a war.

The wedding scene was interesting. i liked that they allowed us to see that they all felt that it was just..wrong to be so happy is such a terrible time and how there was this moment of happiness, but then the wedding was interupted by the terrible news of the ministry’s death. I love that they all had to just leave and no one really had the chance to say goodbye.

I loved how they did Hermione’s bag. I was excited to see how they’d work that out, and they did such a good job.

The diner scene was great, it was a good way to show how no where was really safe.

I really LOVED the use of the radio, as kind of a white noise in the back ground because there was a lot of down time and quiet time with the camping. I kind of kept us as an audience grounded because it reminded us that this isn’t just some kids camping, but that there IS a war going on and there ARE people dying. The part where it listed the “short” list of deaths for the day and it went on for about 5 minutes with names was so terribly emotional. I liked how the radio showed the dynamic of the group, and how Ron needed the radio. It just kept us very grounded.

The over all acting was just phenominal. The break down of Ron before he left was very believable, and hermione’s breakdown once he left. It definitely showed how important they all are to each other. and I LOVED the acting in the ministry, I REALLY believed I was watching Harry, Ron, and Hermione in the other people’s bodies.

I LOVED the scene where Harry and Hermione danced. Jason was really mad about this because It wasn’t in the book, but it was interesting because Hermione is typically the leader of the group while harry is the angsty one, and it was interesting because Harry kind of realized how bad everything was, and he took that moment to try to cheer up hermione and just dance with her. and I liked that they made it clear that there ISN’T a romance between them. I also liked that that dance scene was short lived and that they went right back to feeling terrible.

Back to the beginning- I loved the scene at Malfoy Manor when the woman gets killed and it showed how uncomfortable Draco was, and I liked how reluctant lucius was to give Voldemort is wand. It was interesting how the movie just subtelly showed the break down of that family.

The scene at Godrics Hollow was SO SO terrifying! It was just so creepy, because I knew what was coming and I got more and more scared as they went deeper into that house. it was just so scary.

When they went to see Luna’s father, I thought that scene and the change in her father was so incredible. I thought the visualization of the three wizard’s tale was so BOLD and incredible. I really felt that i was hearing the story for the first time, and I thought they did a good job because that could have been terrible. (ONE of my big complaints is with this, and I’ll go over it in the end)

The scene back at Malfoy Manor was so so incredible. When it showed the all in the dungeon and they could hear hermione upstairs just screaming in agony. God that was so emotional for me. I mean, I had read it in the book, and I knew it was bad, but actually experiencing it in the film was just..oh my god so emotional.

Dobby’s death was just tragic. I really just..I had actually forgotten that he died, and it killed me because he was one of my favorite characters. and I had to really hold back because the theater was packed and I was literally sobbing. LOUDLY. It was just a hard thing to watch, and a really had thing to deal with for me. I felt like I lost a close friend, and after the movie I just didn’t want to talk about it beacsue I was so affected by it.

My disappointments are:

In the book when they go to see Luna’s father, and Luna isn’t there, they go into her room and the find paintings of themselves with a ribbon around them that says “friends” and I was just SO excited to see this because its the moment that they really realized that they meant so much to her. When that passed and they didn’t show it I was so upset.

At the beginning I was looking forward to when Dudley shakes harry’s hand and tells him thank you for saving his life..and when he tells him, “You’re not a waste of space”. I just felt like that was important. Its incredible how it’s the children in the story that really start standing up for what’s right. and I felt like it could have been shown more.

The letter that Harry’s Mother had written is God father. I was really looking forward to harry’s emotional reaction when he read it.

I wish they would have explained the Taboo on Voldemorts name. It was just really confusing.

Really though, the complaints don’t upset me that much because I have these beautiful images in my head of what those moments were like and I’m ok with keeping them the way I see them.

Overall I just really loved this movie. It was so well done and it was just so emotional for me because Harry Potter has been with me for so ling and it has had such a major impact on my life. Knowing that this movie is the beginning of the end of new things for Harry potter was just so hard for me. I’m pleased that they did it so well..and I definitely need to go see it again.


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