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What’s up?

I’ve been wanting to write for a while on what’s going on in mine and Jason’s lives. We’ve bother been rather busy.. So, here are the updates.

Living Situation:

Jason and I have been living in an apartment with a roommate since september. Originally, jason moved in here to take over the lease of one of the old roommates who was moving out. Well, towards the beginning of the month, Johnathan, our roommate, comes home and says that in order to save money, his parents (who happen to pay all of his bills) want him to move to a one bedroom apartment by himself. Now thats a little fishy, because here, they pay 325 a month, plus either the electric and the cable. So really, in cost of just living here, its about 425 a month. If Johnothan moves to a One bedroom, he (or rather, his parents) will be paying 450 rent, plus electric, and cable and internet. So, that was a crappy lie on his part.

BUT, Jason and I are both pretty fed up with living with him, so it was that big of a deal to us. Until we asked WHEN. And instead of waiting until January, Johnothan is moving on the 1st. which gave us all of one month to come up with higher rent, application fee, and a deposit for a new place.

Luckily, we’ve found the perfect place!! It’s in Knoxville, very close to both of Jason’s Jobs, Close to one of my jobs, and its close to our Cousins, whom we spend a lot of time with. Its a one bedroom, 900 square feet. It has a large living/dining room area, a large kitchen with a ton of counter and cabinet space, a laundry room, a large bathroom, and a HUGE bedroom. The closet is incredible, actually the storage in general is great, theres a lot of it. but what really sold us on this apartment, is that the patio steps off into a very large, fenced-in back yard! Which is perfect for our Cobie. It’s 575 a month, plus a 250 deposit, so 825 moves us in.

I turned in the application for it last week, and I’m anxiously waiting to hear back. I’m pretty nervous about it. I can’t think of any reason why it would be denied. But I’m extremely worried. If it is denied, I have NO idea where we’re going to live. I really want this apartment, its the perfect first home for us.


When Jason and I started planning the wedding, I said I would NEVER blog about it. but, here it goes.

We’ve changed the date 6 times, but we’ve finally settled on May 14th, 2011. We originally wanted to get married last march, and we planned for a while, but family issues kept it from happening. But because of that planning, I’ve had a wedding dress hanging in my closet for months. Two weeks ago, I went with my Bridesmaids (Alex, Sylvia, and Brittany) to pick out their dresses. But when we walked into David’s Bridal, I absolutely fell in love with a dress that was on display. It was actually quite depressing because I loved the dress, but I already bought and paid for another one. Well, as we picked out bridesmaid dresses and they tried them on, the impulse to get myself in that dress grew stronger, and I asked to see the store manager.

Long story short, she said they could do a full exchange on my dress because it’s still being sold at full price. So, I put on the dress. It was perfect. Everything about this new dress is absolutely perfect. So, last wednesday, I exchanged my old dress, for THIS dress. Oh, we also decided on the bridesmaids dresses.

But enough about dresses. The colors for the wedding are light blue, green, yellow, and pink. The theme is literally “how sweet it is”. We’re going to have an all dessert reception, and go all out with the sweet tooth/ candy land theme.

I’ve been beating my head against the wall over centerpieces and flowers this past week, and I think I may have finally settled on the centerpieces. MUSIC is whats really going to be tough. I’m going to try not to blog about it very much, because I’m already sick of talking about it. haha


Jason and I both have two jobs now. He works as a shift leader at Blockbuster in Halls, and at Build-a-Bear, in west town mall. Poor thing works all the time, and most of the time when he gets home, he eats and falls right to sleep.

I’ve been working at a small family owned place in Morristown called The Little Dutch. Its a really great job, and its a great place to work, but I haven’t bee getting enough hours lately, so I decided to look for a second Job. It was incredible because the WEEK i started looking, I got hired at a new place called Cru.

“CRU Bistro and Wine Bar is a new Restaurant in Turkey Creek. We are located at 11383 Parkside Drive and can be reached at (865) 671-6612. We look forward to serving the Knoxville community while offering a unique dining experience. We will be offering over 120 different wines to choose from as well as a tapas style menu featuring intercontinental inspired small plates. Whatever your tastebuds desire, CRU can deliver. We are Chef inspired and Chef driven.”

Its been greta so far, we dont actually open until the 29th, but we’ve been getting paid to take wine classes, and test all the food basically. haha. I’m excited about this job, I think i’ll make good money here.

Well, thats all for now. I’m going to blog later this week and give a review on Harry Potter, and Unstoppable. (Two movie I saw this weekend)

Have a nice day. =)


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