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It’s all about perspective

Yesterday in my english class, Dr. Underwood told us about something her husband experience a couple of years ago.

Someone had drawn a figure into a table in his classroom. And on a particular day, a student called him over and frantically pointed out that someone drew Ben Laden on the table, and he asked, “Why would someone draw Ben Laden?”

Her husband had shrugged it off, but two days later, in a different class, a student brought the picture up. She called him over and said, “Look! Someone drew Jesus on the table!”


ha ha I’m laughing now, and I laughed out loud when she told us that.


It’s all about perspective isn’t it? I didn’t really start thinking about it until today, but life is completely about perspective.

Someone, Somewhere once said that life is 10% what happens and 90% how you react to it. That quote’s always stuck with me, but now it’s suddenly taken on a new meaning.

I’ve always liked to consider myself an optimistic person. I’d like to think that I always look on the bright side and I always see the good first..but when it comes to relationships, its the complete opposite.


Why do I constantly see the worst in people first? Why do I always ASSUME the worst in people? Not too long ago I posted a blog called 153ish things about me, and one of the first things in that blog is that I can remember exactly how I viewed the world when I was a child, and I strive to still do that.


But I never feel more like an adult than when I assume the worst in people.


Children view the world with a bright eyed face, eager to assume the BEST in people, and too naive to see the bad. When I was a child, I never met a strange. I had no problem with walking up to a complete stranger and introducing myself. But today, I suddenly realized that that’s not true anymore.


I was taking my dog out. I live in a decent area, The same apartments that a lot of CN students live in, and while I was taking Cobie out, a seemingly homeless man walked up to me and asked for money.


I paused, and I really looked at this man’s face. I noticed a lot of tattoos, messy hair, and an incredible stench.  But what I noticed the most was a tattoo across his forehead. From what I could see, it was barbed wire.


I assumed the worst in this man.


Well I reached into my pocket and I gave him the two dollars and change I had left over from lunch. He said thank you and he blessed me and blah blah blah, and as I turned to go, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that he has pushed his hair out of his face.


His tattoo wasn’t barbed wire. It was a crown of thorns.

So, for the next week, I’m going to strive to see the best in people. I’m going to meet new people, be quick to listen, and slow to make judgements



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