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How dare you!

I HATE when I serve tables that think it’s ok to leave me jesus pamphlets instead of a real tip.

A couple of months ago, I had a woman leave me absolutely NOTHING, instead she handed me a come to Jesus booklet and said, “Jesus is all the support you need.”

I’m sorry lady, but Jesus doesn’t pay my bills.


It just irritates me. Who are you to tell me that I need Jesus in my life? You know nothing about me other than the fact that I’m a waitress. You NEED to be aware that I make 2  freaking dollars an hour and I depend on my tips to pay my bills.

It makes me want to dress in all black, write satan lover on my face, hunt you down, and burn that stupid booklet right in front of you.


seriously..If you want to tell me about Jesus, TELL ME ABOUT JESUS, and then leave me a TIP! dont be a coward and hide a booklet under one of your plates, that doesn’t tell me much about him.


Oh, and if all that booklet has in it is the book of John, thats not going to teach me that much.







People- Please understand that waitresses really depend on their tips. Even if they’re horrible, leave them SOMETHING! If they do an exceptional job, leave them a good tip.

Unless they suck, you should ALWAYS leave at least 15%. Getting two dollars is like a slap in the face.

And don’t think that you don’t have to tip if you just eat a salad.


Thats all.


One thought on “How dare you!

  1. Tables? Plural? Does that seriously mean that there are multiple people in the world who are that dumb and insensitive? Wow…

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