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holy cow

Gosh..I can’t believe it’s been this long since I wrote..I’m actually lying in bed right now (planning on posting this tomorrow afternoon) its 2:41 AM, I have to work in the morning, and I’m completely wide-awake. So, hopefully if I just update this blog on what’s happened in my life these past two nights, I’ll be able to relax a little more.

I came home from France to a very less than Ideal situation. My car payment was 3 months behind, I still owed the tuition to the institute IN France, my cell phone was cut off, and I had no place to live. So, number one on my list of things to do was FIND A JOB.

It was a lot easier than I expected. Two weeks after I got back, I left one morning with about 9 applications to drop off. I drove to Morristown to make the first drop, and I was hired as soon as I handed the paper to the manager. Her name is Angelike, and she’s the manager/owner’s daughter of The Little Dutch. I don’t think I could have been blessed with a better job. It’s a little family owned restaurant that was founded in 1939 and it’s a beloved gem in Morristown. The food is GREAT, the salad bar (how every much I hate it) is FRESH, and the customers are amazing. There are a lot of regulars that come in, and I’m just now (two months later) beginning to really get to know them. I’ve been averaging anywhere from 25-30 hours a week and I’ve managed to make some really good money there. It’s actually the first job I’ve had that I really just love. (Other than Chuck E. Cheese’s) I’m working with a couple of friends, and I’ve made a lot of new friends working there. I’m extremely happy with it.

So. Thus began the agonizing process of pulling myself out of debt. As of right now, my tuition at Chez Vous is paid, and my car payment is caught up (although its about to be a month behind again…) My problem is, no matter how much money I make, its not enough to get rid of the debt, AND pay current bills!

Anyways..Second on my list was FIND A PLACE TO LIVE!! Originally the plan was to move back into the dorms at CN for this school year. BUT, I found out that I lost 6,000 dollars in scholarships and CN awards..so moving back into the dorms was completely impossible. I started looking and asking around..and after only 4 days of searching, a friend of a friend called me and told me she knew someone who was looking for a SIXTH roommate. I thought, “Oh hell no. I’m NOT living with 5 other people!” BUT, I decided to send her an email. I mean, Hey, I was desperate right? Anyways, I send her the email and she tells me that she needs a sixth roommate to move in in august, and rent would be 240 a month. Period. 240 pays rent, electric, water. Plus 20 a month to cover cable and internet. I said yes to her right away. I didn’t care what the house was like, I didn’t care what the girls were like. I just said yes because I knew I wouldn’t find anything that cheap anywhere else.

So I go and see the house. And it’s absolutely beautiful!! Huge brick house, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, sunroom, huge kitchen, and its on a private road. It’s got nice hardwood floors and really beautiful crown molding. I was absolutely astonished. THEN, I realized that there was only 5 rooms, and 6 people! But, lucky again, it turns out that the 6th room was going to be the SECOND living room, my room. So, at the price of no door (just an archway) and no closet, I have the second biggest room in the house. The front door opens right into my room, so I don’t have to bother anyone by coming in at all house of the night (which is usual for me) and if theres a fire, I’m the first one out. Ha ha. SO when I moved in, I just bought a cheap curtain to hang in the archway. I’m extremely happy with the situation. The girls are great, and the house is great, and the location is great. We’re about 5 minutes away from school to! So, here I am, in bed in my new house. =)

So..After finding a place to live and getting my dorm room canceled, and my meal plan canceled, I’m STILL $522 dollars short of my tuition at Carson Newman..and according to financial aid, it has to be paid in full by August 24th. THAT’S TOMORROW. I’m screwed. Right now, I don’t know if I’m honestly going to school this semester. I sent and email about it to my fin aid advisor, and hopefully we can work out a payment plan, but right now I just don’t know. It kills me because every time I start to think that things might be getting better, something happens that just sets me back again. I keep telling myself that if I can just get through this week, or just get through this month, things will start to look up. But as of right now…I think it may be November before I can relax a little.

Assuming I DO get to go to school this semester, I’m excited because I think it will be a really good semester. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I have French 301 at 9AM, English 342 at 10AM, and then Math 105 at Noon. I’m extremely pumped about my English class. “Studies in the Novel” is the name of the class, and the teacher seems great..but I’m even MORE excited about French 301! I’ve been trying my best to continue studying since I’ve been back..I’ve got “1001 French vocabulary flash cards” and “501 French verbs” and about 4 other books, along with 3 text books I’ve been reviewing from, and I’m just really excited to start this semester of French. I’m also really excited to see Dr. Gray again. I absolutely adore him. But then…Math 105…HATE. MY. LIFE! I’m HORRIBLE at math..and I’m dreading this class….

Then on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have Comm 135 at Noon, and English 301 at 1:15. Both I’m pretty excited for. I filled the last spot in the Comm Class (speech) when I dropped my 8am comm. And moved into this one. I dominated speech in high school (You wouldn’t know this..but I’m actually very good at talking. Ha ha) and I’m also excited about English 301! I had to FIGHT to get into that class, but I’m totally excited for it.

I’m really hoping to just buckle down this semester and study my ass off. I used to make good grades in school…but I haven’t made a single A since being in college. It doesn’t help that I’ve had all this stress of money and of my mom being in prison..but I’m refusing to blame it on that this year. I’m GOING to make the deans list this semester if I have to stay up all night every night to do it. My class work has to be GREAT…because my tests never are. My stomach actually just dropped when the work “Midterm” came into my thought.  I have this horrible complex about tests and it’s killing me in college. (I have no idea HOW I made a 32 on the ACT..) Anyways…yeah..I want to do well this year..and hopefully the whole being in debt thing, and working all the time thing wont hinder that.

God this blog is long..its 3:10 now and I’ve typed 3 pages..My alarm clock is going to go off in less than 6 hours. Oh! I never put up the last of my Chez Vous blog from when we were in Paris because..I never actually wrote them! I would get in from the day and just make really quick notes to try to remember everything and then go back and write it later…but now I can’t really decipher when the notes mean! I can pick out a couple of things that pull little memories..and of course a remember all the big stuff. Ha ha. But I don’t think I remember enough of the little details to write a blog about it.

OH! I’ve been COMPLETELY inspired the past two weeks. I have been writing little bits and pieces of a story that I’d like to string together over time and mold into a novel..but I’ve been missing a very key element. I’ve known what the plot would be..and the point of the story..but I’ve been having trouble with the climax of it. Well…the other night I was talking to Jason and he said something, and it totally just hit me. And I’m so excited about it. SO..yeah..maybe in a year or two, I’ll have an actual finished product that I will HOPEFULLY get someone to publish! Ha ha.

Mine and Jason’s anniversary is coming up..but I don’t think we’re going to do anything for it. We’re both way too poor for any kind for celebration..but it is coming around. We were talking about it the other day and he actually FORGOT what day it was!! I wasn’t really mad, but I was completely shocked! I’m normally the person that forgets everything, and this time, Jason forgot! He remembers things about me that I don’t even remember. And HE FORGOT what date our anniversary was! It just blew me away. He felt really bad, but it wasn’t a big deal. Like I said, I was just shocked that he actually forgot something. I joke with him sometimes and tell him he’s like an elephant because he never forgets, and I’m like Dory (from finding nemo) because I never remember.

But yeah…so that’s all for now…I’ll write again before two months pass this time.


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