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I think I constantly underestimate humanity

So I am WAY relaxed now compared to three days ago. I got my travel packet in the mail which was a wonderful site to behold.

but that’s not even the best part. I’m dying to share this all with you guys. When I chose to go to Carson Newman, one of the biggest deciders for me was the faculty-student relationship. I had been told by countless students that the professors and CN are the greatest around, but I didn’t fully understand that until friday afternoon.

Friday, I flat out woke up in a bad mood. I have obviously been bitching and complaining and worrying about not having any money when it comes to this trip to france (I mean, lets face it, I decided to do this in january which absolutely no planning or a stable job) and friday morning I started getting ready for class at 5, and when I was in the shower it hit me. I was seriously about to leave for a different country with no money! So i was irritated and worried and I carried that with me all morning.

Well, as I was leaving French, Dr. Gray asked me to hold on for a second because he had something for me. I figured it was my travel packet for Chez Vous since my acceptance packet was sent to CN a few weeks before as well. So we talked for a minute and Dr. Gray said that he understood my financial situation with the trip and then he handed me an envelope. He explained that he went through and found some euros that he had and he put them together for me. “This way you can at least by a coffee” is what he said. (and in the back of my mind I thought OR do laundry. ha ha but then again i MAY have said that aloud) I was honestly so awe-struck. I said thank you and you have NO idea how much this means to me and thank you and then I realized I was about to bawl. So I said bye and have a good weekend and turned and left and I was crying before I even made it to the steps.

I got downstairs to my Religion class and just sat down and bawled. I went and got some tissues and Alex was there and she kept asking me what was wrong and I explained to her, but I just couldn’t stop crying. I was so amazed that someone would be willing to do something like that for me. I am even more amazed that I have a professor that cares about his students SO MUCH that he’s willing to go out of his way to make sure they’re taken care of.

It felt like every bad thing that’s happened in the past two months were all bunched together, and then just in that one act of kindness it was all just gone. I have NEVER cried over something like that. Before, I never understood what it was like to cry over something that wasn’t sad, and this whole experience changed that. I cried ALL afternoon over it. Everytime I stopped crying, something would remind me of it and I’d start bawling again. I have never had a teacher or a professor go out of their way for me like that, and I am just so amazing by it, I have no idea what to say.

But then, after all of that, I was talking to Alex about it and she goes, “Oh my gosh I have some euros in my scrapbook from when I went to europe a few years ago! When I go home this weekend I’ll get them and you can have them!” So thus began an adventure with Alex to her house in sweetwater on saturday morning and we got lunch with her dad. I adore her dad, he’s pretty awesome.

and THEN, saturday night I went to “game night” at Christy and Steven’s, but little did I know it was actually a french-themed going away-ish- party.

It was actually pretty awesome! Steven went all out with the French theme. We had chicken cordon bleu balls and…well i guess that was really it other then the alcohol. ha ha it ended up being a little international because we had meat balls, taco dip, and chocolate chip cookies to! Then for breakfast..or lunch..steven made a French toast casserole that was pretty ballin. Shelley came and we all played games and just had a lot of fun. Christy, Shelley, and I kicked some butt at Tabboo, and Christy, Steven, and Shelley gave me a card with 50 dollars in it for France!

So this blog is just my big THANK YOU! to everyone who has helped me these past few months with preparing for my trip. MAJOR thanks to Dr. Gray, Alex, Christ, Steven, Shelley, Jason, and my kids at First United (who made me a big card and whose parents gave me a little bit of money for the trip as well!!)

So getting around to my point: I constantly underestimate humanity. I feel like I’m supposed to do things by myself all the time and I’m supposed to be strong and self sufficient and independent, and I think that this year more than ever, I have learned that thats not always the case. Sometimes I CAN’T do it by myself, and I’m really glad to know that there are people here, looking out for me when I need them. =)

One final quick thought: The world is probably going to end when pigs learn to fly. I mean, seriously, a lot of crap is going down when that happens!


4 thoughts on “I think I constantly underestimate humanity

  1. I love you Alicia! I’m glad I could help even the tiniest bit so that you could have this experience 🙂

  2. Alicia, I am so proud of you for setting your sights on this trip and finding a way to make it happen. I hope you have an amazing time in France. Steven and I are so glad we could support you on this journey. Have a blast and enjoy every minute of it!! We love you 🙂

  3. Alicia- If I had made the connection, when I was home this weekend, I would have given you some Euros! I’ve been holding onto them since 6th grade, when I went with a class. I am not sure why I never made the connection, it’s not like I’m using them.

    Send me your address when you get to France and i will mail them to you.

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