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I feel like I have no time to write.

but I have so much to talk about!

GLEE. So I’m really disappointed with Glee this season. When season 1 came out I bought the DVD set, and I’m in love with it, but this season, I’m just really irritated. Last season, they wrote the show, and then went back through and picked songs that fit into the story. and that seemed to work very well for the show. But this season, they’ve contracted certain artists and certain songs, and they’re writing the plot around the music! And now, it feels as if the entire plot is on hold so that they can sing the songs they want to make them happy, but what they’re doing is running the show down the tubes. They’re starting new plots before ending old ones, leaving questions unanswered, and seriously uprooting the show. Last season, it felt like every episode was a year long, in every episode every storyline took these major steps, but THIS season, its not happening. What’s going on with Quinn? Where’s she living now that Finn knows he’s not the father? How far along is she? How is she supporting herself with out a job? What about Rachel and her new boy? is it real? Is it fake? WHERE the CRAP was Emma in this last episode!?   UGH. it kills me that I only have one more episode before I leave. Glee better bring it this tuesday.

I leave for france in 8 days, and seriously, I’m about to sell my kidney or something. I have to pay double rent before I leave and I have 40 dollars to my name. I’m going today to sell the prom dresses I wore in high school, and hopefully that, combined with the money my sister is paying me to use my car while I’m gone, will cover my rent and what ever, and leave my about 50 dollars to take to france with me. I absolutely CANT go over there with NO money, because I have to be able to do laundry and what not, but it’s looking like that may be how it works out.  We’ll seeee.

I also have yet to receive my travel packet…which means I dont have a plane ticket yet!! It’s stressing me out so so much that I dont know exactly when i’m leaving or how to schedule my finals and stuff. I’ve basically left the whole day on the 7th, and MOST of the day on the 6th open just in case…My passport came the other day and that was a big relaxer, but i wont completely come down it seems until I actually GET to france!

ok i’m getting of the France subject.

I seem to be having a lot of dreams about life and death lately. I’ve dreamed that I had a baby, that all of my friends died in a train wreck (literally), that jason’s mom had another child, and then I had another dream that was just like final destination (death was coming for me!)

its been weird. My dreams have always been really vivid and almost like a movie, but i’ve never experienced my dreams having a theme like this. I dont know if its because I feel like -since i’m coming to the end of my first full year of college- a major part of my life is ending and a new one is beginning, or what.

I’m going to try to stop worrying and whining.


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