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More Nature V. Nurture…and call to Moms!!

So going back to my nature verses nurture blog…

Right now in my english class we’ve just wrapped up reading King Lear. Now, I’m a huge shakespeare lover, and I very much enjoy reading his plays and discussing them. But this one makes me want to pull my own teeth sometimes. I said before that I’m always thinking about nature V. nurture and I wonder a lot about how humans would act if we were completely unable to be influenced by others.

It relaxes me to know that Shakespeare was concerned with this same question, and in King Lear, its one of the dominate themes. Is it natural to love your family and to care for others? Or is it nature to claw your way to ultimate success as we see displayed in nature via the animals and plants?

How do we know to love our family? Do we love them because (in most cases) they’re always there and we have no choice but to love them? Or do we simply “grow to love them” because they’re there?  Is it natural not to feel anything and then when we’re children, we’re taught to feel things?

I’m sure that when I become a mother, I’ll be able to more accurately talk about the whole nature V. nurture thing. I’ve always wondered about the mother-child connection. Mothers out there- can you write me a bit and tell me about the love for your kids? When did you start loving them?

I’ll talk more about this after I get some feed back. =)


One thought on “More Nature V. Nurture…and call to Moms!!

  1. I think a mother/child relationship consists of both nature/nurture. I think it is nature for your child to love you and be connected from the time they are in your womb. You also nurture them at that time because you try your best to be healthy and do things to make sure your child turns out healthy. I think nurture kicks in a lot more though when you hold them in your arms. you show them love so they will know how to love others. It is nature that you have a bond with your child right away, but you have to nurture that bond to make it stronger.

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