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I haven’t written in 6 whole days!

It’s Tuesday afternoon, and I have exactly, like, two brains cells still functioning. To me, a good day of writing and/or revising is like an intense workout. I always procrastinate a bit, dread starting, but then get lost in it and feel SO good when you’re done. Plus, there’s the same kind of good tired feeling you get after a good run. Which is different from bad tired you get when, say, your up at 3:30 am for no good reason and you never really get back to sleep.

I have been so busy and I have a ton to write about. And my blog has to be written, brain cells or not, So jumping right in…(because I’m horrible with transitions)

1) It’s Earth day. In honor of this day, they we gave away free reusable bags at target. Now, I love the whole green movement and I think taking care of the earth is important, but these reusable bags get on my nerves. I have two of them, and they hold a LOT of groceries, but its impossible to remember to bring them to the store with my every time I go. And, if they would teach their baggers to put the right amount of products in a plastic bag in the first place, they wouldn’t be necessary. Nothing irritates me more than a bagger that only puts two things in a bag. AND, these reusable bags cost more to make to make than twenty of the plastic bags put together.

2) In other news, gLee returned last tuesday. The episode was wonderful and I was NOT disappointed. Great songs, great drama…and a whole episode devoted to Madonna this week? Heck yeah! (Thats actually tonight!) I was a bit bent out of shape over the relationship drama, but I have faith in the writers…sometimes the shit has to hit the fan before it can come back together just right. I wish I would run all summer. I dont know what I’m going to do when I’m in france and I can’t watch it!

3) Speaking on France (lookie there! a transition) I leave for france in….17ish days. I will be IN FRANCE in 18 days. holy crap thats scary. I’m working on winding down my classes and finishing all my homework.. I only have 7 actual class days left and in that time I have to write 4 papers, 2 research papers, do three art projects, finish quia (French online homwork), take all of my finals, and still figure out how I’m going to pay rent on the first. as it looks right now, I’ll be going to france with $60 dollars to my name. But, however stressful this may be, nothings as scary as the fact that my passport has NOT arrived yet. I’m supposed to call on the 25th and ask when it will be delivered, and if the date they give me is after my travel date, then I’m supposed to pay an extra 70 dollars to express ship it. what. the. hell. this is stressin me out. I DID, however, make a friend that’s going with me. Her name is Lindsay and she’s from Greeneville, TN…which means that I have a friend on the plane. =)

I’m going to write some more later. I still need to write about my friend michelle, ABOUT MY LAST POST, worrying, and what it means to be a christian. =) I’ll write asap. I swear


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