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oh my goodness its been a while!

I feel like I have so much to write about, but I’m sitting here and I can’t think of anything to say…hm.

Whats the difference between dinner and supper? I’ve been thinking about that lately. In my family, I guess, they’re the exact same thing. Is there a difference at all? are we all just talking about the same meal at the same time? (Like a slice of cake V. a piece of cake). In the South, dinner is the meal you eat after church on sunday afternoons…a late lunch if you will. But why not just call it that and cut out the confusion? but..if dinner is a late lunch, then is supper a midnight snack? But I guess its just the fun of it right? Either you know the difference or you dont. Its kind of like the distinction between country ham and city ham. You have to know, because if you order one on a sandwich thinking its the other, you’re in for a surprise. (This coming from the girl who was a vegetarian up until 5 months ago)

Exactly four years and three days ago, my favorite book was released in stores. Its called Just Listen, and its by Sarah Dessen. Check out this book


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